Promo Sampler (EP)
Sub Konshus Music
Pre-release promo copy
April 15, 2009

Track list
  1. Paper Chasing feat. Demarco
  2. Close To Me
  3. Don't Leave It
  4. Get U Tonight
  5. This Means Money
  6. Used To Dem Ting (a.k.a. We No Frighten)
  7. Young, Black & Powerful
  8. She's Happy (Cool Mix) feat. Delus
  9. She's Happy (Main Mix) feat. Delus
  10. Good Girl Gone Bad feat. Tarrus Riley
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : -
Born Garfield Delano Spence, Konshens never actually planned a career in music, apart from enjoying the vibe it gave him growing up. He was just like the average Jamaican youngster, "at that time it was just ballgame, school and girls, I never saw music as a profession", Konshens recalls. A resident of Sherlock, a garrison community located in the Duhaney Park area of Kingston, Konshens began showing a commitment to music pretty late, in 2005 to be specific. Back then the now DJ was just another curious stranger who used to hang out with his older brother Delus at Sugar Minott's Black Roots Recording Studio, but their vision for music changed when they linked up with the musical family Cash Flow. "That's where I got my break. Together with my brother Delus I recorded my first song there on the 'Guilty'-riddim and it did well. When we searched for the song on the internet and read up some info, we discovered it was number 1 in Japan." The song led to a one month tour in Japan. In 2006 Sojah released the album "Sons Of Jah" and got on another Japan tour, this time for 2 weeks.

Realizing he was on to something good, Konshens began making steps in the right direction. Not a producer himself, he hooked up with the father and son team of Cash Flow to compose tracks as he penned lyrics to launch his own solo career, a move he says was all apart of the grand plan. "When we came back from tour we sat down and said that we wanted to attack it from a local standpoint so me and Delus say we were gonna try solo careers and see what happened." The big break came when Konshens put out the track "Winner", a joint production between Cash Flow and Natural Bridge Records. The song turned out to be a dancehall anthem and Konshens was definitely one of the hottest new artists for the year 2008. He impressed with singles like "Fairweather Friend" (Ward 21), "Rasta Imposter" (Young Veteranz), "Ghetto Anthem" (DJ Smurf Muzic) and "This Means Money" (Head Concussion Music) amongst others. Konshens is planning to continue his rise to the top in 2009. Currently he has hot combinations out with Tarrus Riley and Demarco - both featured here -, which both are already getting loads of airplay in Jamaica and internationally. His latest single "Used To Dem Ting" is already buzzing in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica.

This sampler kicks off with the brilliant combination "Paper Chasing" alongside Colin 'Demarco' Edwards, who produced the tune for his own Star Kutt Records over a riddim based on the 80s classic "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" by the Eurythmics followed by the smooth lovers tune " Close To Me (Cool Mix)" produced by Cash Flow for their Cash Flow Music and the great "Don't Leave It" over the pumping 'The Beast'-riddim produced by Linton 'TJ' White for his own TJ Records. "Get U Tonight" is a great much slacker tune produced by Craig 'Leftside' Parks a.k.a. Dr. Evil for his Keep Left Records, before Konshens delivers his "This Means Money", his excellent tune for Tarik 'Russian' Johnston and his Head Concussion Music over a wonderful slow riddim with magnificent piano and a hip hop beat (including cash-register-sample). Also hip hop influenced is the riddim for one of his latest 7"s "Used To Dem Ting" (We No Frighten)" (the most prominent other current 7" is "All About The Paper" produced by Austria Iriepathie for their Irievibrations Records) that Konshens himself produced alongside Limitless Music for his own Sub Konshus Music label.

And although vocally the with gruff voice deejayed tune bears no resemblance at all to his delivery, the very strong riddim of "Young, Black & Powerful" reminds a lot of Gentleman, very well produced by Sekou Davis and Sheldon Pennicot for their Young Veteranz Productions followed by the moving piano-ballad "She's Happy (Cool Mix)" - alongside his Konshens' brother Delus with whom he together still forms Sojah - of which the more standard reggae-ballad version "She's Happy (Main Mix)" (that is great as well but not at strong as the "Cool Mix") is included as well, both produced by Tomar 'Franc' Campbell for Franc Entertainment. And the biggest tune on this promo-sampler is the smashing combination with Tarrus Riley produced by Tarik 'Russian' Johnston for Head Concussion Music "Good Girl Gone Bad" that is one of my favourite tunes to have been released this year. The riddim is extremely catchy, the lyrics sad but well-written and the delivery is top-notch by both Tarrus and Konshens. Following the enormous success of "Winner" and hearing the tunes on this promo-sampler is can only be a matter of time until a brilliant solo debut-album by Konshens will be released and I do hope that the wait will be very short as Konshens is ahead of the pack of newcomers!