Walk Out
Lady Saw
VP Records - Groove Attack
April 20, 2007

Track list
  1. Hello Lady Saw
  2. Big Up
  3. Me And My Crew
  4. Choose Me
  5. No Less Than A Woman
  6. World's Prettiest
  7. You Need Me
  8. Baby Dry Your Eyes
  9. Walk Out
  10. Chat To Mi Back
  11. It's Like That
  12. Power Of The Pum
  13. Like It
  14. Stray Dogs
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Total votes : 23
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Thirteen years after signing to VP and the release of her first album "Lover Girl", this eighth album "Walk Out" is Lady Saw's final album for VP Records. Lady Saw is still the undisputed queen of dancehall with the stage show and memorable lyrics to prove it, although CÚCile, Tanya Stephens and Macka Diamond have all become serious challengers of her throne. Marion Hall a.k.a. Lady Saw has earned her stripes in the male dominated field of dancehall with sharp wit, great charm and a unique sexiness without being beautiful that pulls it all together. She is a male fantasy and a female champion. Lady Saw's influence with female and male performers has spawned notable collaborations with Beenie Man, Vitamin C and the Grammy winning "Underneath It All" with Gwen Stefani and No Doubt among others.

Her latest release is the successor to the harder than hard and sharper than sharp "Strip Tease". This "Walk Out" album opens as hard and sharp with the extreme hardcore dancehall backing of the self boast "Hello Lady Saw", the tough "Big Up" and the rough "Me And My Crew" push the hottest ride over Youngblood's bouncing 'Uptown'-riddim. She's still deejaying fierce pon top of the riddim over First Name's 'Bad Up Bad Up'-riddim to "Choose Me" before for once she completely wins me over singing as (Infertility) "No Less Than A Woman" is a brilliant self-produced private document of this mama to three adopted children that should knock anyone hearing it completely of his/her feet, not having a child does not make me no less than a woman / cause i've got so much love to give / so much unwanted kids / say all you want about mi / try to ruin my reputation / i still have so much love to give.

The next sung track is almost as strong, with legendary riddim twins and producers duo Sly & Robbie providing the irresistibly catchy up tempo ballad backing for Lady Saw's lyrical upliftment against women's physical insecurities "World's Prettiest", followed by the self-produced country ballad "You Need Me" which can be skipped and the catchy jazzy grooving "Baby Dry Your Eyes". Her great take on Richard 'Shams' Browne's 'Baddis Ting'-riddim is this album's titletrack "Walk Out", a great powerful warning against girls sleeping with her lover dis bitch she's walkin ova / thinking that i'm a push ova / she slept with my only lova / now she wanna get fastey / she call my house every hour / dont know how she got my numba / tonight she better say a praya / i'm about to get nasty, followed by "Chat To Mi Back" over the 'Ebola' a.k.a. 'Mad Thing'-riddim for Patrick 'Roach' Samuels' Time Travel label, advising haters when you see mi man / gal don't violate ... any day you feel you can rush this / you and ya friend dem gang up and touch this ... chat to mi back / chat to mi back / cause this a body that a gal can't knock.

More great hardcore deejayed dancehall is delivered in "It's Like That" and the Teetimus produced slackness of "Power Of The Pum". "Like It" is a brilliant hip hop influenced ragga boast about Lady Saw's own sexual prowess warning a girl that her boyfriend want's Mumma Saw to stay and her boyfriend keeps repeating how much he like it, before this album closes her partnership with VP Records with the very strong "Stray Dogs" over John John's 'Battlefield'-riddim. An excellent album, although I would have loved to see a couple more tracks taken from recent "Riddim Driven" and "Greensleeves Rhythm Albums" brought in to use the full 75 minutes the CD format offers, as Lady Saw still has a lot to tell and certainly knows how to entertain the listener (and dancer).