Album review
Gebe Nicht Auf
Lazy Youth
Basslabor-Groove Attack
August 9, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Intro
  2. Startschuss
  3. Zuviel Polizei
  4. Gebe Nicht Auf
  5. Alles Aber Nichts
  6. Kein Playerhater
  7. We Are The Ones feat. Bruce Barron
  8. Mehr Liebe
  9. Arbeitslosenreggae
  10. Ghetto Youths
  11. Lahmacun & Döner feat. Dr.Ring-Ding
  12. Lady Killer feat. Degree
  13. Ich Liebe Dich
  14. Heimweh
  15. Gebe Nicht Auf (Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4

Finally this album is within reach for the non-vinyl-buyers as well. The impressive debut by Cologne's Kingstone-soundsystem selector (yes indeed, selector: not MC) Lazy Youth on his own Basslabor Productions was originally only available through the large mailorder-shop owned by his former crew from Detmold/Lage, also one of Germany's biggest sounds at the moment Soundquake. His former crew bigs him up by mouth of Soundquake's MC Bimma in a true live dancehall style "Intro" before Lazy Youth fires ein mann muß tun was ein mann tun muß / jetzt oder nie / konzentrier dich auf den "Startschuss" over a riddim built by himself telling a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Following is the big tune over another self built riddim 'Yardstyle' that also was used for 7"s by Dr.Ring-Ding "Dash Weh Yuh Frock" and Bruce Barron's "Die Ganze Stadt". Lyrically firing gunshots at too much police in my yard with "Zuviel Polizei" in meinem yard / wenn ich aus der haustür geh' seh' ich sie die an der ecke stehen / babylon fährt auf und ab den ganzen tag / ganjaman wird verhäftet / und die mörder dürfen gehen. "Gebe Nicht Auf" Don't Give Up is produced by Natty U, who already showed he is able to build some catchy riddims with his own series of 7"s released this year, as can be read here. One of the biggest riddims from Germany last year has been Pow Pow's '007/Shanty Town', here backing Lazy Youth' excellent "Alles Aber Nichts" All But Nothing that was already reviewed when the tune appeared on "Dancehallfieber Vol. 03. And yet another big riddim from Germany released last year is up, the Germaican Records&Seeed produced 'Pharaoh'-riddim that was used for the title track of Seeed's "Music Monks" album, used for mix mich nicht mit playerhater / denn ich bin "Kein Playerhater", speaking out against so many anti-tainers. The Monsterriddim crew provide a nice bouncy riddim to match the sweet vocals of Bruce Barron whom Lazy Youth does the combination "We Are The Ones" to make things happen / we are the ones that makes thing bright / we are the ones to make a change with. "Mehr Liebe" die welt dreht sich nicht um dich is a very convincing conscious tune about egocentrism on another riddim by Pow Pow's Ingo Rheinbay, the one that brought the first wave of huge acclaim in the dancehalls, 'Celebrate'. Next up is the acoustic (piano backing only) interlude doing German actor/singer-songwriter Rio Reiser's 1976 "Arbeitslosenreggae" before he pays respekt an all die "Ghetto Youths" die gar nichts haben / und sich so durchs leben nagen over a midtempo busy-sounding self built riddim. Belly dance vibes for the next tune where oriental samples enrich Lazy Youth' own version of the 'Answer'-riddim, riding it alongside Dr.Ring-Ding to tell the world about their love for Turkish food over schweine und chicken aus Kentucky / badman ißt döner und nicht pizza und spaghetti / jeder weißt Burger King mash up mi belly / McDonalds hab ich satt und Burger King ist nicht mein könig / falafel ist für ökos / rohkost ist mir zu wenig / kaviar und lachs ist für die reichen und schmeckt mich nicht / obst und salat jah bomboclaat! / ich esse "Lahmacun Und Döner". German sound Natural Mystic's Tesfu Haile Alazar built the 'Mystic' bashment riddim that was also voiced a.o. by himself, Bruce Barron and Dr.Ring-Ding, but the real gem on it is included here, a combination by Lazy Youth and Jamaican topranking DJ Degree "Ladykiller" und kein Lückenfüller. German hiphop-dancehall-soul crew Foc Squad contribute their 'Warrior Fighter'-riddim that was also voiced (once again as well) by Bruce Barron and Top Frankin MC Shocking Murray, but is used to full effect here by Lazy Youth for his love song "Ich Liebe Dich" simply meaning I Love You yet delivered in an original style. The song following it has spawned lots of discussion in Germany, people either love or hate the song "Heimweh" Homesick, in which Lazy Youth remembers and longs for his former countryside hometown Gütersloh, over another catchy self-built riddim with a keyboard riff reminiscent of the one used for the 'Diwali'-mix used for Wayne Wonder's "No Letting Go". For the record, (my hometown Almelo being in the Dutch countryside probably helps) I think it's a wonderful tune. This very fine debutalbum with highly entertaining self-built and produced riddims as well as some big German/Germaican riddims closes with producer of the original Natty U's remix of the titletrack. More proof that 'the Germans' keep releasing very impressive riddims and tunes.