Bring Back The Vibes
Lion D
Bizarri Records
CD / Digital Release
March 27, 2013

Bring Back the Vibes - Lion D Track list
  1. Can't Get Me Down (Intro)
  2. As One
  3. Nah Bleaching Cream
  4. Work
  5. Skit
  6. Blessings
  7. Nuh Ramp feat. Skarra Mucci
  8. Try Afta You
  9. Sweet Jamaica feat. Ras Tewelde
  10. I Need Your Love feat. Blacky Grace
  11. Babylon
  12. Mumma
  13. Skit (from 'Rockers' movie)
  14. Weh Dem Fah feat. Gappy Ranks
  15. So Beautiful
  16. No victim
  17. Irie
  18. Thanxgivin
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Lion D aka Lion David spent his childhood years in England, before his mother moved back to Italy with him in 1993. There he became fond of reggae music during his college year and later started writing songs in Jamaican patois. As time passed, his passion for the music grew and he continued honing his craft and later began performing at various concerts and dancehall events throughout the thoroughfares of Italy alongside noted local and international acts likes Jah Mason, Pow Pow Movement, Zion Train, and David Rodigan among others.

In 2007 he released his first single "Keep The Fyah Burning" on 7" vinyl. This Bizzarri Records produced song was also a part of the "Keep The Fyah Burnin' Bizzarri Riddim Volume 1" compilation. After that he released two new singles entitled "Real Warrior" and "You Know That I Love You", both again produced by Bizzarri Records. Then, in 2009, he released his debut album "The Burning Melody", which contained 21 tracks, all written in Jamaican patois by Lion D himself. The album brought him further recognition and was followed by the 2011 released sophomore album "Reap What You Sow".

Now conscious reggae artist Lion D drops his third full length album called "Bring Back The Vibes". As the title indicates, this brand new collection of tunes intends to bring back the values and vibes from the good old days. And thus the listener is treated to an album with decent songs, clean lyrics and live played riddims. The varied musical backdrops were laid by some of the best musicians in Italy with the addition of House of Riddim and -- on the harmonica -- Lee Jaffe, who played with Bob Marley on the "Natty Dread" album.

Throughout the album Lion D shows that he's a versatile artist, who easily stretches his vocal style. It enables him to seemingly effortless find his flow on whatever riddim he has to voice, something one of the featured guest vocalists, Gappy Ranks, is also capable of. It's good to include a few collaborative efforts to ensure some extra attention, and thus we see Gappy Ranks joining Lion D on "Weh Dem Fah", while 'the lyric millionaire' Skarra Mucci and Ras Tewelde appear on the dancehall flavored "Nuh Ramp" and the nice "Sweet Jamaica" respectively. Also little known female singer Blacky Grace is present here. Not only does she provide backing vocals -- together with Nikki Burt and Empress Elisa -- on several songs, she also steps in the limelight on "I Need Your Love". Highlights include "As One", the wicked "Nah Bleaching Cream", the huge "Blessings", the acoustic "Babylon", the wonderful "Mumma", and "No Victim".

Invest some listening time into this album, and you'll agree that Lion D's "Bring Back The Vibes" is good value for money.