Lukie D
Deliver Me
Charm-Jet Star
December 19, 2006

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Too Many Wars
  3. More Them Want
  4. Too Long
  5. Deliver Me
  6. Back A Me Yard feat. Junior Kelly
  7. Hear Me Out
  8. Beside Me
  9. Be Wise feat. Anthony B
  10. Life
  11. Give Praises
  12. Come Back
  13. Kill Another Sound feat. Bounty Killer
  14. Stand Firm
  15. Too Little Too Late
  16. Intermission
  17. Girls Anthem
  18. Take You Away
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Sometimes it's not only a matter of time, but also patiently waiting for the right producer to link up with, before an artist can release a fully satisfying full length album. That's exactly what happened with Lukie D, an artist known and loved for his beautiful, yearning, gospel-infused vocals, who released his debut album called "Golden Rule" in 1989 and since then recorded an array of big tunes for many Jamaican top producers, however without ever achieving a real breakthrough.

Lukie D's fifth album, "Deliver Me", brings together the exceptional vocal talents of the singer and the excellent production skills of London based Frenchie of Maximum Sound. Their combined forces made something special of this set, which even the most committed of doubters cannot ignore. It's an album that combines mesmerizing soulful vocals, good songwriting, skilful production, intelligent choice of material and riddims... and the list goes on.

Good examples of Lukie D's songwriting abilities are the powerful social commentaries "Too Many Wars", "More Them Want", and the ecologically aware "Be Wise", which features a guest appearance of Anthony B. Furthermore there are heartfelt prayers to Jah on "Give Praises" and "Deliver Me", and pure reality on "Too Little Too Late", "Stand Firm", "Too Long" and "Life". Of course there are also a few love songs included here, showcasing there are only few singers in Jamaica who can deliver love songs so seductively or as passionately as Lukie D.

Besides Anthony B this set also features cameo appearances by Junior Kelly, who delivers stinging repatriation lyrics on "Back A Me Yard", and Bountykiller, whose performance on the sound-bwoy anthem "Kill Another Sound" captures the Warlord at his very best.

Riddimwise the listener is treated to appealing fresh originals and a few remakes including "Dis Ya Time" ("Hear Me Out"), "World A Reggae Music" ("Stand Firm"), "Revolution aka Here I Come" ("Kill Another Sound") and the Studio One classics "Truths And Rights" ("Too Long") and "Movie Star aka I Don't Know Why" ("Deliver Me").

"Deliver Me" -- a master class in contemporary reggae vocals -- is Lukie D's best album to date and surely will bring his name to the forefront of the current reggae music.