Heartical Soul
Lion D
Bizarri Records
CD / Digital Release
March 27, 2015

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. The Rules Of Babylon
  3. Ruff Inna Town
  4. Heartical Luv feat. Alborosie
  5. Blaze Up
  6. Talk About Love feat. Sandy Smith
  7. Inna The Red
  8. Jamrock Nice feat. Mr. Vegas
  9. War Inna The Dance
  10. Be Strong
  11. Rude Bwoy Thing feat. Kemar
  12. Slow Down feat. Ken Boothe
  13. Ruff Inna Dub
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Almost exactly two years after the release of his third full length album, "Bring Back The Vibes", Bizzarri Records from Modena, Italy, unleashes a brand new 13-track album from conscious reggae artist David Andrew Ferri aka Lion D entitled "Heartical Soul". For this album, Italy-based Lion D went to Jamaica to collaborate with Italian reggae star Alborosie, who produced and recorded the album in his own Shengen Studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

Although previous Lion D albums already showed the great potential of this natural talent, it's with "Heartical Soul" that this versatile and powerful artist is on top of his abilities. Lion D delivers an album that is blazing from beginning to end, for which not only the artist himself is responsible but without any doubt also the guy in the producer's chair. Alborosie has chosen to create sounds and vibes that are reminiscent of his own projects, thus making Lion D's new album one that could lead to Lion D's international breakthrough.

First there's the "Intro", and then things really get started with "The Rules Of Babylon". The latter is a huge social commentary song with wonderful sax parts, one that instantly grabs you to never let lose again. Also the matching "Ruff Inna Town", although musically carrying a different feel and vibe, touches the same 'Babylon' theme - Babylon Ah Big Bangarang! These two tunes deal with a subject that is often sung about in Roots Reggae music, which can also be said about the solid Ganja song "Blaze Up" and "Inna The Red", a strong conscious effort about Rasta. Time to take a deep breathe and that already after having heard just the first half of this album, which has brought the listener tracks that are stamped with class all over and demanded his full attention.

Besides his solo efforts, the first half also featured guest appearances from top-a-top artist Alborosie and Sandy Smith. The 2014 released first single off this album, "Heartical Luv", brings together Lion D and Alborosie whose vocal deliveries blend well together on this nice sounding track. The under recorded Sandy Smith - what a beautiful voice!! - joins Lion D on "Talk About Love". Wonderful lovers tune with Lion D showing that he's also at ease when he needs to utilize a more singing voice. Also the second half of Lion D's "Heartical Soul" contains a few collaborations. In particular "Jamrock Nice" with Jamaican superstar Mr. Vegas and the Ska fueled "Slow Down" with veteran singer Ken Boothe make a very good impression. The collab with Kemar, "Rudebwoy Thing", takes the listener back to the mid 80's when songs like Anthony Red Rose's "Tempo" and Wayne Smith's "Under Mi Sleng Teng" totally changed the musical landscape in Jamaica. Also "War In The Dance" harks back to the sound of the dancehall music in second half of the 1980's. Furthermore there's the uplifting "Be Strong", which belongs the the standouts. To round off this set, there's the very enjoyable "Ruff Inna Dub".

Lion D's "Heartical Soul" is a massive collection of tunes. Not to be missed!!!