Album review
Levels (Brokwile Part 3)
Suncycle Crew
Suncycle Productions / Jamdown UK
04 - 02 - 2004

Tracking list

Disc 1

    Antrax Riddim
  1. Don't Lie - Shortie Kwarmz, Dolamite, W.Squeeze
  2. Levels - Gappy Ranx
  3. White Liver - Vigilante
  4. Bleach - Dolamite, Carla Marie
  5. Don't Lie (Skrilla Kidz Mix) - Villain, Naff Skrilla, Skrilla One
    Holocaust Riddim

  6. 21 & Over - Naff Skrilla, Sarita
  7. Man To Woman - Gappy Ranx, W.Squeeze, Villain
    Alignment Riddim

  8. Boom Under Dem (Suncycle Mix) - Spragga Benz a.k.a. Rasta Carlos, Gappy Ranx, Infra Redman, Vigilante, Kanny Kedar, Dolamite
  9. Close To Me - Kanny Kedar, Carla Marie
  10. Worried - Dolamite, Sarita
    Chicken Back Riddim

  11. Baby - Booji feat. Yuti
  12. Naa Bax Woman - Infra Redman
  13. No Stopping You - Vigilante, Veno Floss
    Rumble Riddim

  14. My Ballers - Infra Redman
  15. Most Of Everything - Kanny Kedar
  16. Chicken Man - Gappy Ranx
  17. Hanging Out (Jazzwad Mix) - Suncycle Crew (Gappy Ranx, Dolamite, Naff Skrilla, Infra Redman, Villain, W.Squeeze)
  18. Tania - Gappy Ranx
  19. Dope Game - Shortie Kwarmz, Naff Skrilla
  20. Naggin Moms - Shortie Kwarmz, Landa Boo, Dolamite
  21. Wanna Be Loved - Shortie Kwarmz,Vigilante, Skrilla One
  22. Beginning To Fly - Shortie Kwarmz, Carla Marie, Skrilla Kidz
  23. Take Care - Landa Boo, Sarita, W.Squeeze
Disc 2 - Bonus Mix CD by Silver Star

  1. Battlefield - Version
  2. Want War - Booji
  3. Confront Mi - Supa Sass
  4. War Get Redder - Armani
  5. Key To Her Palace - Veno Floss
  6. Discuss Gun - Gappy Ranx
  7. Fire Fi Burn - Vigilante
  8. Dope Game - Shortie Kwarmz, Naff Skrilla
  9. Believe Me - Gappy Ranx
  10. Antrax - Version
  11. Don't Lie - Shortie Kwarmz, Dolamite, W.Squeeze
  12. Don't Lie - Villain, Naff Skrilla, Skrilla One
  13. White Liver - Vigilante
  14. Bon Bugaman - Infra Redman
  15. Levels - Gappy Ranx
  16. Bleach - Dolamite, Carla Marie
  17. No Car Yet - Gappy Ranx
  18. Cops Be Watching - Naff Skrilla, Villain
  19. Entry - Version
  20. Cinderella - Infra Redman
  21. War Start - Veno Floss
  22. Katty - Booji
  23. Locking Da City - Vigilante, J.Sam
  24. June 2nd - Gappy Ranx
  25. Jump Up - Kanny Kedar
  26. Holocaust - Version
  27. No Weak Man - Ashi
  28. Getting Money Now - Cash Money
  29. Suncycle Garn - Armani
  30. 21 & Over - Naff Skrilla, Sarita
  31. Cock It Up - Infra Redman
  32. Wid Dat - Vigilante
  33. Niggas Like These - Booji
  34. Woodas - Dolamite, Landa Boo
  35. Man To Woman - Gappy Ranx, W.Squeeze, Villain
  36. Life - Version
  37. Ghetto Youth - Supa Sass
  38. Lenky - Booji
  39. Tania - Gappy Ranx
  40. It's My Life - Cash Money
  41. Someone Who Loves Me - Ashi
  42. Rumble - Version
  43. Avoid Mi - Fussy Kid
  44. Most Of Every Thing - Kanny Kedar
  45. My Ballers - Infra Redman
  46. Chicken Man - Gappy Ranx
  47. War Wid Me - Dolamite, Vigilante
  48. Western Day - Booji
  49. Bigga Than World Cup - Supa Sass
  50. War War War - Armani
  51. Chicken Back - Version
  52. Babby - Booji, Yuti
  53. NW2 Jigga - NW2
  54. Black Woman First - Kanny Kedar
  55. Nah Box Woman - Infra Redman
  56. Ready - Gappy Ranx
  57. No Stopping You - Vigilante
  58. Shamballah - Version
  59. Rail Up - Vigilante
  60. Making Money - Cash Money
  61. Hot U Nuh - Infra Redman
  62. Kubba Lover - Gappy Ranx
  63. Sex Bomb - Armani
  64. Now - Booji
  65. Give It To Me - Kanny Kedar
  66. Concealing Truth - Dolamite
  67. Bang Bang - W.Squeeze, Villain, Naff Skrilla, Skrilla One
  68. Beginning To Fly - Shortie Kwarmz, Landa Boo, Naff Skrilla, Carla Marie, Villain, W.Squeeze
  69. Nagging Moms - Shortie Kwarmz, Dolamite, Landa Boo
  70. Don't Vex Wid Me - W.Squeeze, Landa Boo, Villain
  71. Take Care - Landa Boo, Sarita, W.Squeeze<
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3

Suncycle Crew is an over 15 fine exponents of raw UK talents large collective, from the musically fruitful but incredibly notorious Stonebridge Estate in Harlesden, London. Suncycle is at this moment one of the hottest dance crews in the UK, with their fresh urban music blend of riddims and tracks from the streets of North West London, from hiphop induced beats to romantic reggae callings. With worldfamous and in Jamaica often used riddimbuilder Jazzwad producing the single "Hanging Out" from this album "Levels: Brokwile Part 3", and a very fine guest-appearance of Spragga Benz on "Boom Under Dem (Suncycle Mix)", and a bonus CD mixed by one of England's premier sounds, Silver Star Sound (the sound that in rotation fills the international dancehall slot at BBC 1Xtra) the crew around Suncycle CEO and producer Dolamite seems to be ready for the big breakthrough. The first riddim used is the firmly in hiphop rooted 'Antrax'-riddim, that backs the soulful "Don't Lie" on which 10(!) year old Shortie Kwarmz, labelchef and producer Dolamite and Skrilla Kidz' member and Dolamite's cousin W.Squeeze. "Levels" is a boast-tune by one of 2K2's newcomers of the year in the UK, Gappy Ranx. "White Liver" by Vigilante, another upcoming UK-DJ who recorded some excellent tunes for Big Man Productions as well, is followed by the proud-to-be-black tune "Bleach" by Dolamite and sung by sweet voiced Carla Marie. "Don't Lie (Skrilla Kidz Mix)" is going even further into UK hiphop territory, featuring Dolamite's brother Naff Skrilla, his good friend Villain and latest Skrilla Kidz' discovery Skrilla One. The distasteful named 'Holocaust'-riddim is the foundation for the nice Cocoa Tea relick "21 & Over" (go home to your mama, you're too young to be my lover) by Sarita, another Dolamite cousin, who delivers her lyrics in a very soulful R&B style, in combination with Nuff Skrilla, before this bass-heavy riddim is given another ride on "Man To Woman". "Boom Under Dem" featuring Spragga Benz has a riddim typically showcasing the many influences of UK dance on UK dancehall and vice versa called 'Alignment' with a strong contribution by Spragga to the Suncycle Crew's DJing. Following are the lovers dancehall inna combination style of Carla Marie backing Kanny Kedar's DJ-ing on "Close To Me". Dolamite's DJ-ing is featured over the same riddim mixed with the soulful singing of Sarita in "Worried". The 'Chicken Back'-riddim licked by Booji feat. Yuti for "Baby", the anti domestic-violence 'Naa Bax Woman' by Infra Redman, and Vigilante and Veno Floss' "No Stopping You" all pretty well voiced, but the riddim doesn't seem to sparkle as much as the other riddims on this disc. That liveliness pops back in on Infra Redman's "My Ballers" over the 'Rumble'-riddim, that is followed by Kenny Kedar's praising tune "Most Of Everything", and Gappy Ranx strange story about the "Chicky Man". The boom tune that got the ball rolling even faster in the UK on listening presents itself as just that, the whole Suncycle Crew are featured on the mix by dancehall stalwart Jazzwad of the tune released as a single "Hanging Out". The riddim proves to be a strong backing for Gappy Ranx' "Tania", and then we are treated to a Shortie Kwarmz showcase, where he delivers with different Suncycle members 4 tunes in a row, all sounding different, yet all with a certain signature sound. This first disc is closed in fine style with the R&B-ish "Take Care" on which Landa Boo, Sarita and W. Squeeze show the diversity of the vocal talents in the Suncycle Crew.

The Bonus CD mix of 71 tracks features not only all tracks of the regular "Levels" album, but adds another nearly 50 tunes and versions from the Suncycle Crew, mixing skillfully done by London's hot Silver Star Sound. Silver Star now have 4 weekly radio shows; 3 on Unique 101.2 FM (Monday 1-4pm, Tuesday 8-10pm & Wednesday 2-4am alongside the War Dem Famo) which are amongst the most listened to shows on the station. They also join Daddy Ernie on Choice 96.9 & 107.1 FM between 7-9pm every Wednesday to update the listeners on the Dancehall scene by supplying a live mix session of all things current. They also have a weekly residency at Cameo’s nightclub every Wednesday for a night called ‘Uptown Splurt’ where they play alongside Robbo Ranx (1Xtra) and Chris Goldfinger (Radio 1).