Liberation 2.0 EP
Ziggi Recado
Dredda Records
Digital Release
January 23, 2013

Track list
  1. Liberation
  2. Pure N Divine
  3. The Anchor feat. Mr Mojo
  4. Till The End
  5. Nothing But Love
  6. Balance
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Since the release of his debut album "So Much Reasons" in 2006 Ziggi Recado (initially calling himself just Ziggi) has established himself as a recognized international reggae star. After the release of his self-titled third album in April 2011 by VP Records and subsequentedly leaving Rock 'N Vibes, the label/management which he had been with from the start of his career, Ziggi Recado unleashed his first "independent" project, a 6-track EP entitled "Liberation".

And now there's its follow-up, the aptly titled "Liberation 2.0", which sees him team up with 'Decko' Douglas from Amsterdam based Dredda Records, the label that released Joggo's critical acclaimed debut album "Modern rockers Vol. 1". Just like its predecessor, this collection of six tunes is solid throughout, although we tend to rate this one even a bit higher because it's more balance set. Things get started in a big way with the title track, "Liberation 2.0". This is an outstanding conscious tune from an artists who not only musically has grown to a high level but also lyrically shows maturity. With the compelling opener Ziggi Recado not only instantly grabs your attention to never let lose again, but also instantly makes clear what the listener can expect from the rest of this collection.

Then it's time for "Pure N Divine" to drop in. It's actually a tune that might take a bit more listening time to experience that this is also a wonderful conscious effort. The vibrant combination tune with Mr Mojo, "The Anchor", praises the Most High, is a solid piece. It's followed by our personal favourite, the standout track "Till The End", a real roots killer with backing vocals provided by Miriam (Simone) who is also a great solo singer in her own right. She's also present on "Nothing But Love", the only tune here that deals with affairs of the heart. Underpinned by a real nice riddim this is not the avarage lovers tune, but one that lyrically has much to offer. Speaking about lyrics... the same goes for the last track, "The Balance", which truly deserves ears that are put in the 'listen carefully' modus.

Another well done collection of tunes from Ziggi Recado, an artist who more than once has proven that he has the ability to touch your soul.