Various artists album review
Liberate Yourself
Sizzla And Bredren
Kariang Records-Reggae One Luv
02 - 01 - 2000

Tracking list - Disc 1

  1. Sizzla - Inna Africa
  2. Sizzla - Wizer Than Dem
  3. Sizzla - Takes Only Time
  4. Sizzla - Fire Fi Burn
  5. Sizzla - Get Me Out
  6. Sizzla - From Long Time
  7. Sizzla - By Your Words
  8. Sizzla - Forever Be Strong
  9. Sizzla - Liberate Yourself
  10. Sizzla - Be Yourself
  11. Sizzla - Tell The Children
  12. Sizzla - Waan Go Home
  13. Sizzla - Healing Of The Nation
Tracking list - Disc 2
  1. Garnett Silk - Sayonara
  2. Doniki - I've Been There
  3. Terry Ganzie - Wicked And Hot
  4. Jack Radics - He's Everlasting
  5. Bushman - Somewhere
  6. Sugar Black & Lebanculah - Behold The Armageddon
  7. Sizzla - Ghetto Youth
  8. Prezident Brown - Micro Chip
  9. Kulcha Knox - Hail Jah
  10. Fargo Vice & Don T - Mama Africa (Garden Of Eden)
  11. Luciano - I Will Survive
  12. Uton Green - Jah Jah Question
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

The track listing of this solid 2 CD set contains the names of some of the finest 'new roots' artists from the second half of the nineties, who are definitely going to keep the fire of Ras Tafari burning into the new millennium. Actually "Liberate Yourself" incorporates the brand new Sizzla album as well as a new 'Various Artists' album, both produced by Ocho Rios-based "Kariang Productions" (with the inclusion of 5 tracks licensed from Firehouse production). Both discs deliver the message of Rastafari, of self liberation, of repatriation and of unity and love among all peoples, expressed over fresh, well played Kariang riddims.

First the Sizzla part.... Sizzla delivers his tunes in his, by now, well known inimitable vocal style, seemingly effortless firing his conscious, sometimes hard hitting, lyrics over any kind of riddim. The riddims he had to voice are diverse and range from modest, sophisticated sounding outings to more dancehall oriented riddims. It characterizes Sizzla's unique skills and talent that he is capable of finding his flow over whatever riddim. Besides 8 spanking new songs his 13 track disc features 5 tunes which were previously released on 45. Sizzla impresses with tunes like "Wizer Than Dem", "Takes Only Time", "From Long Time", "Be Yourself" and "Waan Go Home", but also his other efforts are solid deliveries and truly well worth spinning.

Then the bredren... The so sorely missed Garnett Silk gets the deservedly credits for delivering a great opener, the extraordinary "Sayonara". Doniki takes over the proceedings with "I've Been There", an entertaining tune with strong African musical influences. Cultural deejay Terry Ganzie utilizes the "Culture Bahment" riddim to full effect. Jack Radics' tune is truly awesome, a real killer and one of his best cultural efforts since he recorded "African Soldier" for Barry O'Hare's "XRated" imprint in 1997. Bushman's "Somewhere" - an appealing song about a lost love - showcases this singer in good shape as he performs his cut over the "Micro Chip" riddim, which is also utilized by Prezident Brown for his solid effort. With "Behold The Armageddon" Sugar Black and his musical partner Lebanchulah deliver an outstanding tune, one that grabs you from the very first drop. Sizzla already delivered the bulk of the tracks on this 2 CD set and with this "Ghetto Youth" he adds an excellent tune to the "Bredren" disc. Kulcha Knox brings a nice effort over an up-tempo riddim, but in the end he fails to keep you involved. With "Mama Africa (Garden Of Eden)" up-and-coming Fargo Vice & Don T have a convincing delivery, which makes them a duo to watch for in the near future. Having established his name and fame throughout the nineties "the messenger" Luciano needs no further introduction. He's an excellent roots singer who fully lives up to expectations with the outstanding "I Will Survive". Last but not least Uton Green, the somewhat underrated performer. With "Jah Jah Question" he proves that he is capable of delivering a solid tune.
"Roots & Culture" fans will be delighted with "Liberate Yourself", a good and entertaining album for the new (Roots Reggae) millennium !

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