Liberation EP
Ziggi Recado
Nayomari Music / Dredda Records / Oneness Records
Digital Release
March 13, 2012

Track list
  1. Rising
  2. Cool & Humble feat. Taranchyla
  3. More Than Sometimes
  4. Lurking
  5. Green Medicine
  6. Merciless
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Ziggi Recado (previously just Ziggi), a Dutch reggae singer who grew up with his grandparents on the tiny Caribbean island St. Eustatius, emerged on the scene in 2005. His first release was "In My Head", done in combination with songstress Shanaira Rey. This tune topped the charts in Surinam, and was followed by other single releases including "Inna Mi Bed" with Elephant Man, "Notorious Remix" with Turbulence, and "Call Me". However it was with the anti-violence tune "High Times" that he started to gain real recognition, especially in Germany.

2006 saw the release of his debut album "So Much Reasons" on the Rock 'N Vibes label, but it was with singles such as "Need To Tell You This" and "Gonna Leave You", and the 2008 worldwide released sophomore album "In Transit" that he established himself as a recognized international reggae star. After extensive touring and recording for various producers, Ziggi Recado's self-titled third album was released in April 2011 by VP Records/Rock 'N Vibes.

Almost a year after that album release, Ziggi Recado, who has left Rock 'N Vibes, the label/management which Ziggi had been with from the start of his career, unleashes his first "independent" project, a 6-track EP entitled "Liberation" (free downloadable for a limited time on the www.ziggirecadomusic.com website. The "Liberation" project actually kicks off Ziggi Recado's 'EP year' as an EP with Curtis Lynch Jnr (Necessary Mayhem) and Decko (Dredda Records) is also in the making.

The aptly titled "Liberation" EP fully shows that Ziggi Recado has become a very mature reggae artists, who knows that his musical efforts need some variation and an occasional collaboration to ensure wide attention. And that's exactly what he does here. The EP includes a great, Silly Walks and Jr Blender produced conscious message tune like the opener "Rising", the solid 'old-skool' rub-a-dub collaboration with Taranchyla called "Cool & Humble", the nice lovers piece "More Than Sometimes", the appealing slow-paced modern roots tune "Lurking", the usual ganja tune "Green Medicine" across a rousing relick of Yellowman's "Lost Mi Lover" riddim, and the musically and lyrically wonderful "Merciless".

This "Liberation" EP is solid throughout, and a real good teaser for Ziggi Recado's forthcoming projects. Well done!