Angie Angel
May 14, 2001

Track list
  1. Rastaman
  2. People With Bobby Blue
  3. Life With Judy Mowatt
  4. All A Di Princess
  5. Queen Omega
  6. Go Wey With Bunny Brissett
  7. Right Here With Desi Roots
  8. Love Essence
  9. How You Feeling?
  10. No No No
  11. Through The Race
  12. It's Coming Down
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Singjay and songwriter Angie Angel belongs to the real small group of female reggae artists who had the strength and the endurance to take their place in a reggae world which is often dominated by men. It made Angie Angel write such tunes as "All A Di Princess" and "Queen Omega", which are actually strong statements as to the abilities and strengths of women on the reggae scene. Angie Angel isn't exactly a complete newcomer as she has been on the reggae scene for quite a few years, recording singles for a bevy of producers.

Many of these singles have now been collected together with three new tracks produced and recorded by Carl "Bridge" Ayton. The latter was drummer for many Israel Vibration recordings and is the current drummer for Bunny Wailer's live shows. Furthermore this CD features the production work of Bunny Gemini, Morgan Heritage, Sheldon "Calibud" Stewart, Jah Mike, Angie Angel herself and more. Consciousness and upliftment is Angie Angel's starting point when it comes to express herself in lyrics and music, as can fully be witnessed on this debut set. Through her songs she reveals her vision of life and her perception of reality.

Although her vocal performance has its limits and thus can't be regarded exceptionally strong, lyrically Angie Angel makes a solid impression and keeps you involved till the very end. The best efforts are delivered in combination with crooner Bobby Blue, reggae vet Judy Mowatt and Bunny Brissett. Once she has to do it all be herself Angie Angel shines in "Queen Omega", the nyabinghi flavored "It's Coming Down" and "How You Feeling" over the "Movie Star" riddim.