Skinny Bwoy-Joe Fraser Records
September 28, 2010

Lifeline Track list
  1. African Queen
  2. Best Life
  3. Lifeline
  4. Hold Me Tight
  5. Sunshine On My Shoulders
  6. Time To Love
  7. Pledging My Love
  8. Tears Don't Cry
  9. Makeup Sex
  10. Tears In Heaven
  11. Cause Of The Trouble
  12. Tell Me What I've Done
  13. Girl In His Mind
  14. Gone Like The Wind
  15. Here I Am To Worship
  16. What Would You Do
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Total votes : 12
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Jamaican crooner Henry Buckley Jr aka Sadiki certainly isn't a newcomer on the reggae scene, but even though he scored quite a few hit singles -- including "Pretty Girl", "Lost Without You" and the Tony "CD" Kelly produced "Gal Dem Everytime" on the "Buy Out" riddim from 2001 -- and besides that was nominated as the "Most Promising Entertainer" in 2007 by the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), he still hasn't managed to achieve a big international breakthrough.

November 2007 saw the Japanese release of Sadiki's debut album "Morning's Come", followed by its worldwide release in the fall of 2008. Despite its commercial success in Japan, The "Morning's Come" album remained largely unnoticed in the rest of the world. And now Sadiki gives it another try with his sophomore album "Lifeline", which is produced by respected producers duo Lloyd & Michelle Campbell of Joe Fraser Records (who released albums by Glen Washington, Lloyd Brown and Roger Robin to name three), Jason "Jasfar" Sterling and Sadiki himself. With "Lifeline" Sadiki delivers a well produced, predominately Lovers Rock set, which surely doesn't come as a big surprise regarding Sadiki's vocal abilities and the production camp he teamed up with. They are widely known for specializing in quality steady vocals and that's exactly what you are offered when you listen to this warm 'n' easy mix of self-written material and covers. "Lifeline" is solid throughout with nice vibes and strong efforts such as "Best Life", "Time To Love", "Tears Don't Cry", "Gone Like The Wind", "What Would You Do" and the current hit single "African Queen".

Sadiki's second album is a very fine collection of tunes that might take his musical career to the next stage. Recommended for fans of artists like Sanchez, Glen Washington, Lloyd Brown and Beres Hammond to name four.