Album review
Life Squared
23 - 05 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Dem Seh
  2. War A Gwaan Dung Deh
  3. The Monkey
  4. Time We Realize
  5. Life and Debt
  6. The Confusion Today (Wha a Gwan)
  7. Muta Seh
  8. I Truly Believe
  9. Pele
  10. Spirituality
  11. Muta Seh #2
  12. Mother Divine
  13. One People
  14. I Write a Poem
  15. Dream Girl
  16. The Monkey (Mento Mix)
  17. Muta Seh #3
  18. Dis Poem (Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Dub poet, radio host, and author, Mutabaruka is Jamaica's voice of the people. He's an internationally acclaimed dub poet, social critic, performer and actor. Hailing from Jamaica, he is influenced by Rastafarianism and his work focuses on themes of social justice, human rights and black liberation. As a musician, he has released several outstanding albums of dub poetry, a spoken word art form which grew out of the toasting style of early reggae DJ’s. Mutabaruka also played the lead role of Shango in Haile Gerima’s award-winning film Sankofa. He's blessed with a deep and booming voice and his intelligent poems reflect a pure and outspoken point of view, flavored with a kind of militancy that is quite unique. To be honest, whether you agree with his opinions or not, you will be captivated by the man's speechmaking abilities.
Spanning a recording career of 21 years, Muta now releases his first album since 1994, "Life Squared". A true individual, Mutabaruka's lyrics still are insightful, intelligent, and powerful, as he comments on all aspects of human nature. "Life Squared" features the single The Monkey inna ska and mento remix. The song is the Dave Bartholomew poem "The Monkey", marking the first time Muta has recorded another's works. Also featured here is the title track to Life and Debt, the acclaimed Stephanie Black film that documents real life experiences in Jamaica. The song speaks of the plight of Jamaicans under the IMF and World Bank. He uses the riddim from from Marvin Gaye's classic song 'What's Going On' on The Confusion Today as he asks 'Wha A Gwan'? Further highlights on the album include the poem Spirituality on which Mutabaruka uses a speech from Haile Selassie to point out the differences between religion and spirituality and Mother Divine, a song dealing with women's perspectives.
All recordings were done at Mainstreet Studios and Music Works Recording Studio except Dis Poem which was recorded in New York.

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