This Generation In Dub
The Lions Meet Dub Club
Stones Throw Records
CD / LP / Digital Release
April 30, 2015

Track list
  1. Revelations "Alphabet City Dub"
  2. Easy Dub
  3. More More Dub
  4. New Dub
  5. This Generation "Skronk Dub"
  6. Roll It Around "Crushed Dub"
  7. Dub It Tonight
  8. Picture On The Wall "Pink Dub" (feat. Leroy Sibbles & Ranking Joe)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Sometimes it happens that you get a cd on your desk, which after a while you start looking for to write its review and then it turns out you can't find it anymore. It makes you even wonder if you ever received it. Here we are talking about the 2014 released cd "This Generation In Dub", the dub companion of The Lions' "This Generation" from 2013, which we (luckily) found again a couple of days ago. So here's a belated review...

Tom Chasteen - besides being DJ and producer also the co-founder of the weekly Dub Club event at the Echoplex in Los Angeles CA - tried his hand at dubbing out 8 tracks of The Lions' well-received "This Generation" album. Being a huge fan of 1970s Reggae and Dub music, it was obvious that "This Generation In Dub" would be done in a style reminiscent of legendary Jamaican dub masters like King Tubby, Scientist and Prince Jammy. And indeed, the tracks featured on this album are dubbed live on the mixing board in real time, and not 'remixed' in the modern sense.

With this about 28 minutes lasting Dub affair, Tom Chasteen treats the listener to a stunning mindblowing experience. He deconstructed the original songs and built them up again with increased layer of echo and reverb, the ultra-heavy bass lines upfront and more emphasis on the percussion work. Besides that there are also tracks with vocal fragments and of course the great horns, which we fondly remember from the vocal album. The exciting opener "Revelations "Alphabet City Dub" instantly makes clear that Tom Chasteen has pulled out all the stops. This is fully affirmed by the tracks that follow, with in particular "More More Dub", "This Generation "Skronk Dub"" and "Dub It Tonight" being standout efforts.

Great Dub vibes from start to finish, with the awesome (vocal) cut "Picture On The Wall "Pink Dub"" being an unexpected but very welcome addition!