Album review
Lion Symbol
Tena Stelin
Jah Warrior

Tracking list

  1. UFO
  2. Unidentified Flying Dub
  3. Live Natural
  4. Natural Dub
  5. Keep Jah Vibes
  6. Jah Vibes Dub
  7. Loving Princess
  8. Princess Dub
  9. Lion Symbol
  10. Symbolic Dub
  11. Cashless Society
  12. Big Brother Dub
  13. What Is Wrong With Man
  14. What Is Right With Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4

"Lion Symbol" is the brand new album from British roots reggae singer Tena Stelin who took his name from the Amharic language of Ethiopia and which means "Greetings". Tena Stelin is one of the longest established and best known performers on the UK roots scene and definitely the voice of the new dub revolution. Tena Stelin's career started in the late eighties and he first came to public attention in 1989 with a string of releases for the WAU/Mr. Modo label - two 12" singles "Thanks & Praises" and the massive popular "Jah Equity", plus an album entitled "Wicked Invention", which received rave reviews although the roots revival in the UK at that time was still impending. In 1991 Tena Stelin had further success with the 7" single "Can't Touch Jah" on the "Conscious Sounds" label. These records heralded the new wave of hi-tech UK dub, creating fresh interest for an audience tired of ragga antics and later introducing dub techniques to the new generation of techno, drum & bass and dance music producers. Tena Stelin followed up these initial releases with albums like "Sacred Songs", "Take A Look At The World", "Sun And Moon" and the recently released self-produced album "The Order".
For the realisation of his new album Tena Stelin has joined forces with the London-based producer/label Jah Warrior. The "vocal & dub" concept of "Lion Style" is one of the interesting parts of this album as it showcases Tena Stelin's distinctive voice and appealing conscious lyrics next to the blistering wild dub mixes which have put Jah Warrior in the forefront of British dub reggae. In the seven vocal cuts Tena Stelin's voice and lyrics are underpinned by riddim tracks that carry a heavyweight echo-laden sound, however creating just that kind of room which is required to let the singer's performance come to full expression. Then the accompanying dub versions full of weird effects and vocal parts fading in and out. They take the listener a step further as they truly succeed in delivering a mindblowing and exciting experience. The best tracks of this album include "Keep Jah Vibes", "Loving Princess", "Cashless Society" and "What Is Right With Dub". To be released in April !

Teacher & Mr. T.