Album review
Lion Treasure
The Congos
Congo Ashanti
17 - 02 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Greetings Dub
  2. Feast Of The Passover
  3. Fisherman
  4. Don't Blame It On I
  5. Solid Foundation
  6. Food For The Rainy Day
  7. Sinking Ship
  8. Sweetest Name
  9. Days Chasing Days
  10. Open The Gates
  11. Music Maker
  12. Education Of Brainwashing
  13. Youthman
  14. Stay Alive
  15. Hail The Word Of Jah
  16. Children Crying
  17. Thief Is In The Vineyard
  18. Music Maker Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3

'Lion Treasure' is a Congos anthology which chronicles the best works of this legendary group. The founder and heart of the Congos is Cedric Myton who started at a young age producing music. At age 16, Cedric was the leader of the Tartans (Cedric, Devon Russel, Prince Lincoln Thompson, & Preps), who recorded "Dance all Night", a number one hit in Jamaica. In 1975, along with Lincoln Thompson, Cedric formed The Royal Rases and recorded the album "Humanity" on the United Artists label. Later that year, Cedric formed the Congos.
First produced by legendary producer Lee "Scratch" Perry, they recorded their classic first album "Heart of the Congos" in the famous Black Ark recording studio. That album (recently voted greatest reggae album of all time on the Internet!) lay shelved for more than 20 years-victim of a money dispute between Chris Blackwell and the record company. "Heart of the Congos" contains many reggae classics like "Row Fisherman Row" and "Congoman" and has been re-mastered and re-released on the Blood & Fire label.
Roydell Johnson left the group in 1980. After recording their second album "Congo Ashanti" they were featured along with Toots and the Maytals in the movie "Image of Africa" by Rhinosorus Film Company in the early '80's. After touring Europe with CBS records, Cedric linked up with English Beat manager John Mustyn and secured a deal with Arista to record the album "Face the Music" in Jamaica. Temporarily relocating to the states in the 80's, The Congos continued to record and tour, spreading their Old Testament Rasta Vibes all throughout the United States.
The album contains 4 previously unreleased tracks. First there is Feat Of The Passover, a musical gem featuring Tommy McCook in the dub version. Then comes Music Maker and the dub version Music Maker Dub is featured here as well. The live track Youthman originally comes from their album 'Congo Ashanti'. From that same album come three more tunes : Thief Is In The Vineyard, Hail The Word Of Jah and the awesome Education Of Brainwashing. Drawn from their best album ever "Heart of the Congos" are Fisherman, Solid Foundation, Children Crying and Open The Gates.
The music found here is a prime example of the roots 'n' culture reggae from the seventies. Combined with Cedric's famous falsetto voice and endless creative energy this compilation is a must have for all reggae fans.

Teacher & Mr. T.