Album review
Listen Well
Ras Shiloh
Who Dun It Records - Walboomers Music
16 - 11 - 1999

Tracking list

  1. Hardcore
  2. Zion Calling
  3. Asking Thee To Spare
  4. Unto Zion
  5. Look Into The Road
  6. Why The Good Die Young
  7. Don't Go Astray
  8. What's The Meaning Of Life
  9. Sounds Of Silence
  10. Tainted Love
  11. The Good Lord
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4

Ras Shiloh is a passionate man, an outspoken, articulate and dynamic singer, with strongly worded message songs, whose voice and singing style are reminiscent of the late great Garnett Silk (and sometimes even a slice of Junior Reid can be recognized), but listening to the album it's obvious that Ras Shiloh has more to offer than only cloning a sorely missed singer.
The album collects tunes produced by a variety of first rate producers. Phillip Fattis Burrell produced the brilliant Asking Thee To Spare, a rootical tune from his Xterminator camp. Ras Shiloh's hit tune Unto Zion -a strong repatriation song- is produced by Morgan Heritage and Denroy Morgan. Why Do The Good Die Young finds Ras Shiloh in fine singing form, expertly produced by Don Moodie and Noel Alphonso. Look Into The Road is recorded for Tony Rebel's Flames label. Contemporary hip hop and R&B influences can be heard on the tantalizing tune What's The Meaning Of Life. The love song Sounds Of Silence is a magnificent tune, with a chorus that sticks like glue. At the end of the disc he turns to Abyssinians -The Good Lord Send Us-, thus delivering a compelling song with JD Smoothe on backing vocals.

Teacher & Mr. T.