Ghetto Youth
Little John
17 North Parade/VP Records
November 4, 2007

Little John - Ghetto Youth Track list
  1. Left Me Slim Thing
  2. English Cowboy
  3. Long Dread Locks
  4. Searching Everyday
  5. Dancehall Style (Extended)
  6. Im Gonna Make You Mine
  7. Time Longer than Rope
  8. Youth in the Ghetto
  9. I Love You Jah Jah
  10. Gal A Mad Over Me
  11. United We Stand Divided We Fall
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Total votes : 4
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Little John (born John McMorris, 1970) first recorded "51 Storm" (over Sugar Minott's "River Jordan" riddim) at the age of nine in combination with Captain Sinbad for the 'Youth In Progress' label and from that point on he was seldom off the charts. Many claimed that he was the first true dancehall singer because like the best DJs he could ride any riddim. By the time he turned 17 he had become a superstar. During this period he was also recording for any producer in Jamaica who was willing to put his voice to tape. In the mid eighties he reached his ultimate peak of fame with producer King Jammy.

In what almost looks like the year of the reissues, we are being treated to Little John's album for producer Junjo Lawes, the album he recorded at the tender age of 13! The young dancehall king Little John kicks off with Left Me Slim Thing across the 'Three Blind Mice' riddim, a nice start of the album. English Cowboy is more focused on John's vocal skills which come out very good. After this comes the fantastic Long Dread Locks over the Dennis Brown's 'If This World Were Mine' riddim. Searching Everyday is another crucial tune, a fine example of a combination between lovers and roots music. The 'Hey Mr. Babylon' riddim starts and the vocals of Dancehall Style follow, here inna perfect extended version of the original with a sweet dub. Time Longer Than Rope still stands out on this album, again the tune is more focused on Little John's excessively nasal tone. Youth In The Ghetto has lyrics that unfortunately still apply to today's situation. I Love Jah Jah is one of those great sing-a-long tunes with lots of echo. The tunes I'm Gonna Make You Mine, Gal A Mad Over Me and the bonus discomix United We Stand Divided We Fall surely can't be overlooked. The latter grabs the 'Silhoutte' riddim and reworks it in truly fine style!

All crucial tracks on this album, a must have for vintage dancehall fans.