Album review
Live At Maritime Hall
Lee "Scratch" Perry with Mad Professor
2B1 Records

Tracking list

  1. My secret laboratory
  2. Introducing myself
  3. Jungle safari
  4. I am a madman
  5. Roast fish and cornbread
  6. Come go with Lee
  7. Heads of government
  8. Bucky skank
  9. Open door
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 3

The story of Lee "Scratch" Perry is a tale of a genius, but genius is separated from madness by only a very thin line and Scratch has walked that line with one foot on either side. Born in Kendal, Jamaica in 1936 Lee Perry's involvement with music started early. In the mid-fifties he got involved with Clement S. Dodd's Downbeat Sound System. He was soon given the responsibility of choosing the records to be played on the system, because Scratch had an ear for good sounds. It was at Dodd's legendary Studio One where his natural genius was given the chance to develop. First he was promoted to talent scout and session organizer, later he became co-producer alongside of the late Jackie Mittoo. In 1968 Lee Perry left Studio One in anger as he felt that Dodd was not giving him either fair credit or proper payment for the work he was doing. Over the next six years he worked in association with many of Jamaica's top producers. By the end of 1974 his own built Black Ark Studio was ready for action and action it got. The rest is history ! In the mid-nineties he made his comeback as a recording and performing artist when he teamed up with Neil Fraser a.k.a. the Mad Professor. Together with the aforementioned Mad Professor and his studio band The Robotiks, Lee "Scratch" Perry went to San Francisco to do two shows at the Maritime Hall, his first appearances in the United States in 17 years. This CD contains a mixture of old and newer Lee Perry songs recorded during the second of these two shows, which took place at April 5, 1997. It captures Scratch scatting, toasting, wailing, screaming, commenting and even crooning, backed by one of the best U.K. backing bands, the solid, sometimes heavyweight playing Robotiks Band. A nice document for all Lee "Scratch" Perry addicts (and would be's) showing he's still fascinating as ever.

Teacher & Mr. T.