Album review
Live At Montreux
29 - 05 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. No Hello (Jayzik)
  2. Snowman In Winter (Jayzik)
  3. Words Of Mosiah (Denise Davis)
  4. Thank You Lord (Vyris Edghill)
  5. Mystery (Angela Wynter)
  6. Sweet Inspiration (Vyris Edghill)
  7. Hot Yu Know (Trilla Jena)
  8. Prophecy (Sista Aisha)
  9. The World (Valerie Skeete)
  10. Payaka (Denis Davis)
  11. Cashless (Jayzik)
  12. Mommy Don't Cry (Angela Davis)
  13. Ghetto Youth (Trilla Jena)
  14. What A Race ! (Sista Aisha)
  15. No Crack (Vyris Edghill)
  16. Finale - Thank You Lord (Sista)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

Sista is a fascinating female reggae collective, featuring members of Abakush, Akabu and artists such as Trilla Jena, Sister Aisha and Jayzik. The complete line-up is as follows : Jayzik Azikiwe (poetry/vocals) - Sister Aisha (vocals) - Trilla Jena (dj/vocals) - Denise 'Jena' Davis (vocals) - Vyris Edghill (vocals) - Angela Wynter (vocals) - Lyn Gerald (vocals) - Jennifer Harrison (vocals) - Samantha 'Pepsi' Edghill (dj/vocals/percussion) - Valerie Skeete (vocals,rhythm/lead guitar, percussion) - Zion Jenaba Erb (drums) - Diane 'D-Bass' White (bass) - Christine Allen-Porter (rhythm/lead/acoustic guitar) - Caroline 'Rhythm Queen' Williams (keyboards). For more info about the band check out our article Sista - Original Girlpower.
This album is a fine live in concert production recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2000, featuring some 16 vocal tracks, ranging from roots to dancehall and soul to gospel. After Jayzik opens the concert with the poem No Hello, she continues with Snowman In Winter across Bob Marley's glorious 'Natural Mystic' riddim, followed by Jena Davis' smooth delivery of the roots tune Words Of Mosiah. Vyris Edghill takes over the lead vocals as she performs the gospel song Thank You Lord, she also does Sweet Inspiration, and the anti drug song No Crack. Next comes one of the highlights of the concert, the appealing Mystery, with Angela Wynter as the featured lead vocalist. Deejay Trilla Jena raises the temperature and makes the crowd go wild as she performs Hot U Know ! and Ghetto Youth. Sister Aisha's late eighties hit Prophecy is followed by The World featuring Valerie Skeete on lead vocals. Sista Jena Davis does a chilling rendition of Payaka and Jayzik slows down the pace with poem Cashless. Referring to that poem sista Angela Wynter takes over with the strong Mommy Don't Cry. Finally the band closes the concert with an acoustic version of Thank You Lord.
The fascinating concept of 'Sista', the abundant vocal and musical qualities of the members and their contagious enthousiasm is well captured on this vital live album !

Teacher & Mr. T.