Album review
Lively Up Yourself ~ A Collection Of His Classic Early Recordings
Bob Marley
4 CD Box set

Tracking list

    "Disc One - Soul Rebel"

  1. Lively Up Yourself
  2. Soul Rebel
  3. Sun Is Shining
  4. Stop The Train
  5. African Herbsman
  6. Mr. Brown
  7. 400 Years
  8. Rainbow Country
  9. Brain Washing
  10. Rebel's Hop
  11. Stand Alone
  12. Kaya
  13. Trench Town Rock

    "Disc Two ~ Riding High"

  14. Riding High
  15. Mellow Mood
  16. Duppy Conqueror
  17. There She Goes
  18. Touch Me
  19. Hammer
  20. You Can't Do That To Me
  21. How Many Times
  22. Chances Are
  23. Treat You Right
  24. No Sympathy
  25. Try Me
  26. Put It On
  27. Fussing And Fighting

    "Disc Three ~ Keep On Moving"

  28. Keep On Moving
  29. Soul Almighty
  30. Small Axe
  31. Soul Shakedown Party
  32. Go Tell It On The Mountain
  33. Soon Come
  34. Can't You See
  35. Cheer Up
  36. Do It Twice
  37. Back Out
  38. Soul Captive

    "Disc Four ~ Natural Mystic"

  39. Natural Mystic
  40. Don't Rock My Boat
  41. Caution
  42. Reaction
  43. It's Allright
  44. Corner Stone
  45. No Water
  46. My Cup
  47. All In One
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 2/3

Lively Up Yourself concentrates on the most creative period in the career of Bob Marley, the late 60s and the early 70s. Their cooperation with the excentric producer Lee 'Scratch' Perry proved highly succesful. They turned the Jamaican sound of the previous decade upside down. The saxophones and jazz trumpets which were distinctive of ska and rocksteady disappeared. Scratch, Bob Marley and the Barrett brothers innovated with a heavier bass and a clear, sharper beat. The Wailers recorded some groundbreaking albums such as Soul Rebel, Soul Revolution during that period.
The first song the Wailers cut for Lee Perry was My Cup, recorded in Randy's , 17 North Parade in Kingston. Soon followed Duppy Conqueror, a song in which Bob wants to fight the evil forces with his spiritual force. Later in his career Bob Marley would rework many of the songs he recorded for Lee Perry. Natural Mystic, Kaya, Lively Up Yourself, and Trench Town Rock are just a few succesful titles he would do over at a later time.
Probably most of the songs from this boxset will be very familiar. These tunes showcase the skills from producer Lee Perry as well as the vocal qualities of the three original members of the Wailers, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. Some of my favourite tracks of this set are Rainbow Country, the medley of their Studio One hits All In One, Don't Rock My Boat, Mr. Brown, 400 Years, Souls Shakedown Party and Keep On Moving.
A recommended collection of 47 gems from the band which changed the face of reggae music.

Teacher & Mr. T.