Livity Is My Temple
Webcam Hi-Fi
Tube Dub Sound Records
January 18, 2010

Webcam Hi-Fi - Livity Is My Temple Track list
  1. Treating Me So feat. Horace Martin
  2. Come On feat. Senykan
  3. Run From Dem feat. Robert Sanchez
  4. Promised Land feat. Zion I
  5. Promised Land Dub
  6. Happiness feat. Tony Roots
  7. Friendship feat. Vanya
  8. Grace Of Jah feat. Madu Messenger
  9. Grace Of Dub
  10. Osmobill feat. Joseph Cotton
  11. High Sight feat. Dan I
  12. Life feat. Ras Seven
  13. Life Dub
  14. Same Feelings feat. Bethsabee
  15. Overstanding Sax Cut
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Webcam Hi-Fi is the brainchild of Frechman Frédéric Luneau better known as Fredread, who started his roots & dub project in 2004 and since then not only has been leading this project with passion, but also managed to gain international attention with the release of ten maxi singles and over 150 shows in various European countries with both his Sound system and his band.

Very conscious of his need to be independent and a fervent adept of the "do it yourself" ideology, Fredread created his own music label Tube Dub Sound Records and built himself a wooden house on the top of a hill in the south west of France where he also installed his recording studio. The music he produces in his own studio is strongly based on the values of roots reggae and dub music from the golden age (70's to early 80's), i.e. analog recording and live instrumentation.

And now there's Webcam Hi-Fi's first full length album featuring nine new riddims and collaborations with artists from Jamaica (Horace Martin & Joseph Cotton), Ivory Coast (Senykan), Spain (Roberto Sanchez), the UK (Zion I, Madu Messenger & Tony Roots), Croatia (Vanya), Italy (Dan I), Germany (Ras Seven) and, of course, France (Bethsabee). Even though all these artists have different cultural backgrounds, their musical intentions and approaches are very much the same. In the context of this project it works very well and makes this a very entertaining album with solely above par vocal tracks. Besides that this set includes a few dub versions truly worth of hearing. Standouts are Roberto Sanchez's "Run From Dem", Zion I's "Promised Land", Madu Messenger's "Grace Of Jah" and Joseph Cotton's "Osmobill", but also the other tracks are solid efforts and truly worth hearing.

Webcam Hi-Fi's "Livity Is My Temple" is recommended for those who dig the works of producers like e.g. Ryan Moore of Twilight Circus, Nick Manasseh, or Brighton based Roots Garden Records.