Sunny Days
L.I. Zee
Kesta Records - Moodie's Records
November 13, 2008

Track list
  1. Sunny Days
  2. Cherish Your Life
  3. Don't Loose Your Way
  4. Hold On To What You've Got
  5. 1000 Miles
  6. Rock With Me
  7. To Sir With Love
  8. I Told You
  9. Put Me To Bed
  10. Just Be Gone
  11. I'm Sorry
  12. Question feat. Dezey Coyottee
  13. Whine It Up
  14. Rumor
  15. Back To Life
  16. Hold On To What You've Got Remix feat. Snuupi
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Casta 'Kesta' Pearson worked at Aquarius Studio in Kingston from 1980 to 1991, as he then migrated to the USA, now residing in the Bronx, NYC where he owns Kesta Records and is active as a producer since 1985. One of the main artists he focuses on is promising female singer L.I. Zee a.k.a. Livin Inna Zone, who makes her debut at full-album-length with this Kesta produced album that kicks off with its nice title track "Sunny Days". The riddims, rooted deeply both in reggae and US-style R&B, all come courtesy of Ricky 'Mad Man' Myrie who laid them with his Mad Crew and co-produced them alongside Kesta. Two more fine originals (often co-written by L.I. Zee with Fernando Goffe and Kesta) "Cherish Your Life" and "Don't Loose Your Way" about the struggle of life follow before L.I. Zee delivers a magnificent take on "Hold On To What You've Got" with an undeniable June Lodge reminiscence. Both "1000 Miles" and "Rock Wit Me" once more prove that she truly is an excellent singer-songwriter, able to capture the absolute sensational feeling and power that (being) love(d) can give you. The next cover highlights her talent as a singer as she excels on Lulu & the Mindbenders often covered 1967 song "To Sir With Love".

She tells her (ex-)lover very convincingly that it's over in "I Told You" before going very successfully completely US-style R&B with her phenomenal take on "Put Me To Bed" and another self-penned goodbye-song "Just Be Gone". But L.I. Zee is at much at ease delivering her vocals over a dancehall backing as her very nice "I'm Sorry" across Kesta's 'Da Dyre'-riddim proves. Then New Jersey based newcomer and labelmate Dezey Coyotte joins her for the powerful "Question" over the only riddim not laid by the Mad Crew (but by 'Jacko'). An auto-tuned L.I. Zee also shows that she is absolutely as capable to deliver a very infectious crossover-tune as Kat DeLuna with "Whine It Up" (coincidentally even bearing the same title as the latter's hit-tune). A bit more of a carnival vibe sipples through in the riddim for "Rumor" with L.I. Zee inviting a boy who broke up with girlfriend to be with her and then L.I. Zee delivers a wonderful dancehall hip hop hybrid cover of Soul II Soul's "Back To Life". Another one of Kesta Records' main artists Snuupi a.k.a. Dawg then joins for the last tune on this album, the combination version of "Hold On To What You've Got Remix". Definitely not an album for the hardcore lovers or dancehall enthusiasts, but if you love to hear US-style lovers and R&B, Rihanna or Kat DeLuna, be sure to pick up this album.