Deeper Roots
Lymie Murray
I-Dwell Records
June 3, 2012

Deeper Roots - Lymie Murray Track list
  1. Wake Up
  2. Bad Mind People
  3. Rooster
  4. Captive
  5. Cool It Down
  6. Earth Cry feat. Spectacular
  7. Suzie's Bday Party feat. Mark Wonder
  8. Milk And Honey
  9. Love To Love You
  10. Marcus
  11. Brother's Keeper
  12. Troubles I See
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Lymie "Paul" Murray is a deep roots singer from Manchester area in Jamaica; hailing from the same parish as Tony Rebel and the timeless Garnett Silk. Somewhere in Lymie's long and illustrious career, Garnett's spirit has infused itself into his vocalism that is strongly evident in Lymie's smashing new release, "Deeper Roots"

This man has credentials. In 1992, he linked with ex-Chalice drummer Desi Jones and became a singer with Skool; a consummate front and backing band that played on countless U.S. Reggae Sunsplash Tours. He has played with every legend imaginable. He went solo in 1997, hooking up with Freddie McGregor's Big Ship label. This resulted in some great singles and albums and more international exposure. So talented, he appeared alongside John Holt and Ken Boothe at UB40's 21st Anniversary Concert and even played alongside John Holt with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. He reeks of big label potential, but has stayed close to the roots.

"Deeper Roots" is his strongest set to date. Vocals recorded by Mikey Melody at True Friends Studio {JA} and rock solid riddims recorded at Wally Sound Studio in Berkeley, California. Mainly Northern Cali based musicians like Rankin' Scroo and Jack Riddim. The most amazing soundman is bassist Herb Daly; one of the founding members of "The Rastafarians", THE most top ranking U.S. Reggae band ever! Things get started with Wake Up, a livication to be wise in the country sides. Bad Mind People boasts a driving riddim that incorporates a likkle funk and some intricate basswork (big boss). Captive is an engaging song about Babylon's hold on today's youth -- is this Garnett Silk? Cool It Down furthers a "Silky" style with melodica and great drum and bass. Spectacular shows up on Earth Cry; giving a ruff and tuff edge. The highlight is Milk And Honey (made famous by Dennis Brown and Earl 16); Lymie's take is heartfelt and sounds like it's been done for the first time. Marcus boasts one of the most intelligent basslines in recent memory! The closing Troubles I See is a soul stirring ode to the Most High with vocals soundings like Taj Weekes/Garnett Silk.

One hun"dread" gun salute to Lymie Murray. His approach to his songs cannot be namebrand, regardless of Garnett Silk comparisons. He has a soulful style all his own. The album's production has a live feel to it but not too rushed. The lyrics give the listener a reason to reason. "Deeper Roots" is a must for anyone wanting thought provoking lyrics, crucial riddims and a name that is not household. Check this fe real.