Album review
Log On
Elephant Man

Tracking list

  1. Log On
  2. Showdown featuring Ky-Mani Marley
  3. Jamaica
  4. Jamaica Part II
  5. Su Wi Tan
  6. Warrior Cause featuring Spragga Benz
  7. They Call Me
  8. The Bombing
  9. Haters Wanna War
  10. Living In Hell featuring Ricky Rudy
  11. Yuh A War
  12. Bad Gal, Bad Man featuring Ce'cile
  13. New Application
  14. Bring The War
  15. Earth Angel featuring Lukie D
  16. Draw We Out
  17. Giving Them Peace
  18. Hot Girls (The Club) featuring Wayne Marshall
  19. Blaze It Up
  20. Anything-A-Anything featuring Ward 21
  21. Hot An A Boil
  22. X-Rated featuring Buju Banton
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

The concept of full length albums delivered by contemporary hardcore dancehall artists might be well known by now. Packed with previously released singles - preferably (current) top hits - licensed from the trendsetting production houses, and mostly with some exclusive new tracks included as well, the avid fan is more or less treated to a "Best Of..." set of his favorite artist. And actually Elephant Man's brand new set "Log On" - the follow up to his "Comin' 4 You" - is such an album. Featured are pachyderm-sized hits such as the title track "Log On", "Jamaica" and the hotter than hot track "The Bombing" on the "Martial Arts" riddim alongside previously unreleased tracks like for example the two combination tunes "Showdown" with Ky-Mani Marley and "X-Rated", which sees Elephant Man teaming with Buju Banton.
The album kicks off with the outstanding title track, Elephant Man's monster hit across Jeremy Harding's wicked "Liquid" riddim, still dominating the reggae charts worldwide and one of the hottest tunes in the dance right now. Another cut for ace dancehall producer Jeremy Harding included here and also an above par effort is the combination with Wayne Marshall, "Hot Girls" (The Club") across the "Lightning" riddim. Then drops "Showdown", the combination with Ky-Mani Marley. Next to "Log On" this tune will be the second single to be promoted to national radio and TV. "Showdown" has huge crossover potential and unashamedly aims at a broad audience, thus not the kind of tune the real dancehall fan is looking for. Stone Love's "Fiesta" cut called "Jamaica" is a notable piece, which deservedly reached a high position in the reggae charts across the world. The same goes for "Warrior Cause", a great combination tune with Spragga Benz for the "Rice & Peas" riddim, the wicked "They Call Me" over Mo' Music's huge "Unstoppable" riddim, the awesome "Bad Man, Bad Gal" with Ce'cile on the "Double Jeopardy" and the very enjoyable "New Application" across the "Chiney Gal" riddim. Other notable efforts are the combination with Ricky Rudy aka Bling Dawg, "Living In Hell", "Yuh A War" across the "Blue Drawers aka Spanish Harlem" riddim and "Haters Wanna War" on Black Shadow's hot "Buzz" riddim. With a massive 22 tracks included here it's obvious that not every track is a killer. However, only few real weak tunes can be found, among them "Su Wi Tan" and "Earth Angel" with singer Lukie D.
Hailed as the "Energy God #1" and sometimes described as the "Punk Rock Of Dancehall", Jamaica's exciting new dancehall star Elephant Man delivers a hardcore yardcore music set with a strong hip-hop vibe. This "Log On" set will surely find its way to those who enjoy listening and dancing to hardcore dancehall music!!

Teacher & Mr. T.