The Sound Of Jamaica
December 12, 2008

Track list

Disc 1
  1. Winding Dirty
  2. Party Rebels
  3. Walk Like A Jamaican
  4. Poom Poom Poom Poom
  5. Brokeback Rodeo
  6. Wake Up And Smell The Pussy
  7. Bad Man Salute
  8. Leggo The Driver
  9. Freak Like You feat. Gem
  10. Horney
  11. Ass Don't Lie
  12. Irie Island
  13. Go Go Bar
  14. A Good Workout feat. Dahlia Harris
  15. Children's Day
  16. The Sound Of Jamaica
  17. Higher Than High
  18. Buy Vagina
  19. Labba Labba Bumbo
Disc 2
  1. Big Up Bob Marley
  2. Bon Bow Cloth
  3. Blood Clot
  4. Ras Cloth
  5. Do You Remember
  6. Breast Milk
  7. The Meat feat. Mutabaruka
  8. Community People
  9. Cricket
  10. Umpire
  11. Cashpot Girl
  12. Wise Words
  13. Princess Fire
  14. True Wud
  15. Sweetness In The Night
  16. Words Of A Rolling Stone
  17. I'll Be Rolling
  18. We No Forgot
  19. Gummy Girls
  20. Maid In America
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
This new double-album has been more than 3 years in the making. And "The Sound Of Jamaica" is worth the wait, with Lloyd Lovindeer, backed by some of Jamaica's most famous musicians, treating us to a great mix of mainly dancehall and soca. Lloyd Lovindeer is one of the greatest story tellers ever to hold a microphone in Jamaica, the man that gave us "Wild Gilbert... Wa Wa Wild Gilbert", "A Jamaica We Come From", "Happiness in the Park", the brilliant "Man Shortage" across 'Tings And Times', "Blinking Bus" and "Babylon Boops". He is an extremely versatile and talented deejay, who started out in the 70s. Being a singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, actor Lovindeer is one of Jamaica's most multi-talented artistes, concentrating on his singjaying and songwriting skills on these 39 tunes.

Kicking off with the dancehall bounce of "Winding Dirty" followed by the soca of "Party Rebels" he has the tongue-in-cheek advice for visitors of the island to "Walk Like A Jamaican" and explains how-to ... And then it's his completely unique twist on slackness, when he deejays about his heartbeat (pumping) in "Poom Poom Poom Poom" and delivers one of the friendliest anti-battyboy statements in Jamaican music with "Brokeback Rodeo". US-rap is the major musical influence in his tune (that could truly have been) about a pet "Wake Up And Smell The Pussy" and then Lovindeer excels on "Badman Salute", his twist on Cham's "Ghetto Story" and "Leggo Driver", his twist on Buju's "Driver". It's truly amazing how strong this double-CD is, as the pure excitement never lets off, the tunes that follow are simply as strong as these first 8 tunes.

And just like when Lovindeer was very much en vogue in the late 80s and around the turn of the millenium, he's returned to voicing two tunes over some of the riddims, completely different but both highly entertaining in those cases. And if you think it isn't funny, bad for you, but switching from "Eyes Don't Lie" to "Ass Don't Lie" surely has me smiling. And he hasn't forgotten to mix in soca and social commentary and even gospel influences as proven in "Higher Than High" (which in fact deals with the price level and spirituality within the same tune). The second CD starts with one of the wickedest medleys ever paying tribute to "Big Up Bob Marley" controversial as it may be to socafy several of Bob's songs, then showing his love of wordplay in three songs twisting Jamaica's worst cussword "Bon Bow Cloth", "Blood Clot" and "Ras Cloth" before countering several MC's speeches and soundsystem's dubplates with the phenomenal "Breast Milk" explaining me used to suck my madda. This is big fun, great backings whether dancehall, soca or even gospel influenced and lots of humorous lyrics. As a big Lovindeer fan I can only recommend this double-CD wholeheartedly!!!