Movin' Ahead
Irie Ites-Mosaic Music Distribution
CD, Vinyl & Digital Download
November 18, 2009

Lorenzo - Movin' Ahead Track list
  1. Jah Love
  2. Movin' Ahead
  3. A Wa Do Dem
  4. Only Solution
  5. Show Some Love
  6. Gun Play
  7. Mr. Officer feat. Chezidek
  8. Life To Live
  9. Need My Baby
  10. The Way They're Living
  11. Bless Me Jah
  12. A So Dem Stay
    CD Only Bonus Tracks
  13. You Always Deliver
  14. Put Down Di Guns
  15. False Pretenders feat. Spectacular
  16. Got To Be Strong
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Total votes : 46
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Andel Henry a.k.a. Lorenzo was born in St. Ann, Jamaica and his talent for singing was recognised from a tender age as he performed in school, on sound systems and in hotels all over the island under the name Parson Man. Gifted with a pure and exceptional voice, he caught the attention of reggae fans worldwide. His first single "Am Gonna Give You" was released by Barry O’Hare on the X-Rated label. Since then Lorenzo has recorded for different labels such as Stone Love, Jet Star, Irie Ites, Reality Sound and many more. Lorenzo has performed on the most popular stages like Reggae Jam Festival, Sumfest, Jah Sound Festival in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, the UK, France and in the Caribbean. He also shared the mike with Ras McBean for Irie Ites Soundsystem and it is their label Irie Ites that now releases his full length debut album "Movin' Ahead", 7 years after Lorenzo re-located to Europe. This promo-copy comes courtesy of Münster, Germany based reggae-shop Irie Records (providing world-wide mail-order as well) and it is a pleasure to review such a magnificent debut album.

Recorded with first class backing by the UK-version of the riddim twins, Mafia & Fluxy, Bongo Herman, Earl 'Chinna' Smith, The Matic Horns' Henri 'Buttons' Tenyue and France's Jérémie 'Bim' Dessus, this album is a treat from the opener "Jah Love" starting proceedings, followed by gems like the title track "Movin' Ahead" and "Wa Do Dem" and the excellent "Only Solution" giving one of Irie Ites' riddims its name. "Show Some Love" is Lorenzo's superb take on Irie Ites' 'Down In Jamaica'-riddim, followed by another classic Mafia & Fluxy relick, Burning Spear's 'Rocking Time'-riddim backing the antiviolence tune "Gun Play". The absolute standout tune of this album is however "Please Mr. Officer" alongside Chezidek, a tune riding as a tribute to the late and great Mikey Dread the 'Roots And Culture'-riddim that runs for almost 8 minutes and got me crying when after 4 1/2 minutes the dubbed up version kicked in not only with that massive horn riff but also with Mikey Dread's "skib skibbydib skib" vocals, what a masterpiece this is!

But it shows how well done this album is (by Irie Ites), how great the musicians are and what a great singer and songwriter Lorenzo is, that the next tune "Life To Live" still sounds actually as big as it is across Jam'strong's 'Stronga'-riddim, followed by the impressive lovers tune "Need My Baby" and one of the tunes that's going to get very mixed reception I'm convinced, but I simply do love the hip hop riddim backing Lorenzo delivering they see progress and wanna break it up, when the Lion HIM a sleep, don’t wake HIM up in "The Way They're Living". It's however back to strictly conscious roots music with a Nyahbinghi drum driven riddim for "Jah Bless Me", "A So Dem Stay" over the brilliant Irie Ites 'Strange Things'-relick and the wonderful song of praise "You Always Deliver". The album closes with three more wonderful tunes, another big antiviolence tune "Put Down Di Guns", "False Pretender" the great combination take on "A Wa Do Dem" featuring Spectacular that even tops the solo version and finally the uplifting "Got To Be Strong". One of the best debut albums you've ever heard, this is an album that every roots reggae listener must get! One of the best Irie Ites releases ever and they've done a lot for European reggae productions already.