Album review
Love Jah
Prince Malachi
VP Records-Walboomers Music

Tracking list

  1. Healing On The Streets
  2. Love Jah
  3. Keep The Faith
  4. Fire Is Blazing
  5. Mama Don't Fret
  6. Jah Is Our Guide
  7. Ready Fi Dem
  8. Leaders Of The Future
  9. Prophets, Priest & King
  10. Running Away
  11. My Love
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

After helping put artists like Mikey General, Sizzla and Luciano on the map, Xterminator producer Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell's reputation for finding new exciting talent is renowned throughout the reggae business. With Prince Malachi 'Fatis' brings another very talented and appealing singer to the attention of the reggae massive. He met Prince Malachi in a London studio in 1997 and became so impressed that he invited him to record with the Xterminator Crew in Jamaica. His debut single "Love Jah" - the awesome title track of this album - was released at the beginning of 1998 and after Prince Malachi had performed on the Xterminator's 'Hail The Kings Of Glory' tour in March 1998 two further solid 45s resulted from this alliance : "Ready Fi Dem" and "Fire It Is Blazing", both included on this album as well.
"Love Jah" is truly an excellent set. The combination of Xterminator's powerful riddims and Prince Malachi's aching rootsman's voice prove a winning formula. Furthermore the lyrical content of Prince Malachi's songs is everything you'd expect from such a visionary Rastaman, who has been writing, playing and even dee-jaying meaningful and uplifting tunes for quite some years by now. "Love Jah" provides modern roots reggae at its best, which makes this exceptional singer/songwriter part of today's cultural messengers who carry the flag for the roots style. So, make sure you hear and purchase this album !

Teacher & Mr. T.