Album review
Lovelight Shining
Valley Vue Records

Tracking list

  1. Gun Man Comin'
  2. World With So Much Sorrow
  3. Wanty Wanty
  4. Love Rain Down On Me
  5. Wild One
  6. Reggae Get No Respect
  7. Lovelight Shining
  8. Share My Life
  9. So Much Confusion
  10. Flying Creation
  11. Feelings Of Love
  12. East L.A.
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Barri is another USABB-artist (more frequent visitors of the reggae newsgroup rec.music.reggae will know that this stands for USA Based Bands), hailing from a small seashore town 20 miles north of Boston, Massachussets. This album features 12 songs with all music and words written by Barry himself (although it is easy to hear reminiscence with some well-known riddims now and then, just put on Third World's "Rhythm Of Life" after hearing opener "Gun Man Comin'"). "Gun Man Comin'" is a very strong song based on an actual incident involving DJ John Evaneski of Oakland, California, gunned down in a random shooting in February of 1992 (the song is inspired by a poem written by Laura Cohen). This CD provides a blend of love songs and songs about actual/conscious themes. "World With So Much Sorrow" and "Wanty Wanty" are also conscious songs both featuring a great bass line. Barri provides lyrics worth listening to, in the two lovesongs following these selections as much as in the conscious tunes. The dubby hornsman intro to "Wild One" is superb, it is a real treat to hear how many artists are still preferring real hornsmen to synths. His cry-out "Reggae Get No Respect" has a wonderful piano theme going in and out of the mix, and perfectly sums up the frustration felt by a large part of the reggae massive. And although Barri is no Bunny Rugs (an unfair comparison to lots of better known reggae singers as well), the whole CD reminds a lot of the older songs I always loved by Third World, bringin a positive vibe. The other selections on this album maintain the standard set so far, and this a very nice CD (that could have done without the rap-section in "So Much Confusion", the only real weak 30 seconds on a 43 minute disc). Forward Barri !