Album review
Love Revolutionaries
Zion Train
Universal Egg

Tracking list

  1. Freedom
  2. Building Rome
  3. Speaker Shaker
  4. Flag
  5. Movement Of The People
  6. Fly
  7. One Inch Dub
  8. Beware
  9. Free Heart
  10. War In Babylon
  11. Rockers Revival
  12. Dubzilla
  13. Om Shiva
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Although "Love Revolution" is Zion Train's sixth album to date they are definitely one of the most prolific groups around as they produce everything from music to magazines, CD Roms to internet sites and Sound Systems to book publishing. They are designers, artists, dub/festival promoters, writers, producers, remixers and programmers and many more. This truly very multi-talented and versatile group consists of Cod, Tench, Perch and Molara with the Crispy Horns as Brass section and Dave Ruffy on drums. Their versatility is fully showcased on "Love Revolutionaries", a solid and well varied album which features songs, instrumentals and heavy UK dub outings.
"Freedom" is a nice opener, which incorporates the vocals of a female singer who delivers the lyrics of the song over a haunting riddim that grabs you. Then, one of the wickedest tracks included on this album, "Building Rome". It strongly reflects the group's Roots Reggae and Jamaican Dub influences and brings to mind the heydays of dubmasters like King Tubby, Scientist and Prince Jammy. Killer riddim laid by real musicians, weird sound effects, lots of reverb and echo on the instruments and the voice, and a great organ part with a very traditional feel. "Speaker Shaker" is a solid fast-paced instrumental dub piece with a heavy bassline, which is followed by a nice song about the red, gold and green colours of my "Flag". More musical flavors are offered by means of the "jungle" a.k.a. "drum 'n' bass" related instrumental "Movement Of The People" and "Fly", the latter showcasing Zion Train's ability to deliver a good Dance tune. "One Inch Dub" is a stripped dub outing in which Zion Train revives the more Jamaican style of "drum 'n' bass" dub. "Beware" is another wicked tune, a great instrumental dub cut with a bass that drops heavily, a live horn section and nice melodica parts. For "Free Heart" the group utilizes a sparse riddim in which the bass playing is upfront and a vocal drops in and out. The latter goes for "War In Babylon" a fast-paced, mindblowing cut with a vocal sample of Macka B. The instrumental "Rockers Revival" leans heavily on the drums and the bass with the addition of a weird repetitive sound effect. Weird sound effects can also be captured in the instrumental dub cut "Dubzilla", which - without break - switches over to "Om Shiva" for a "chill out" experience.

The tracks were played, recorded and mixed in Wales in 1998-99. Remix, production and writing credits include, Prince Allah, Chumbawamba, Rootsman, Afro-Celt Sound System, Dub Syndicate, The Shamen, Ozric Tentacles, Gary Clail, Junior Reid, The Ruts DC, Loop Guru, Coil, New Model Army and The Suns Of Arqa.

Teacher & Mr. T.