Lee "Scratch" Perry
Megawave Records/MDV
August 23, 2010

Track list
  1. Revelation Revolution And Evolution
  2. Used To Drive A Tractor In Negrille
  3. Fire Power
  4. Holy Angels
  5. Scary Politicians
  6. Let There Be Light
  7. Books Of Moses
  8. Money Come And Money Go
  9. Psalm
  10. Run For Cover
  11. Freaky Michael
  12. Weatherman
  13. An Eye For An Eye
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
In recent months fans of mad musical genius Lee "Scratch" Perry were in for a treat with the Pressure Sounds cd "Sound System Scratch", Trojan Records' dbl cd "Sipple Out Deh: The Black Ark Years", and the publishing of Jeremy Collingwood's book "Lee "Scratch" Perry: Kiss Me Neck". Both albums fully express Perry's unique musical vision and incorporate his trademark Black Ark sound, which is widely regarded as one of the wonders and delights of seventies reggae music.

Instead of old material, his latest cd "Revelation" contains brand new recordings from sessions that took place at One East Recording Studio NYC, State Of Mind Recording Studio, The Premises, and Perry's on mountain-top studio in Switzerland. The 13 track "Revelation" set follows the controversial "Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered" from 2009, featuring Keith Richards, George Clinton, Reuben White, Tim Hill, Erica Iji, Mark Mason and Sheridan Tandy, and the 2007 Grammy nominated "The End Of An American Dream", both released on the Lansing, Michigan-based Megawave label. Just like he did for the aforementioned two releases, Lee Perry enlisted the songwriting and musical assistance of UK-based multi-instrumentalist Steve Marshall for this project, which furthermore also sees Rolling Stone Keith Richards and Parliament / Funkadelic leader George Clinton collaborating once again.

Lee Perry aka Scratch aka The Upsetter aka Pipecock Jackson hasn't earned his legendary status for his sublime vocal outings as is once again showcased on "Revelation". However his croaky voice, along with the sometimes repetitive lyrics and often wayward riddims (not necessarily being reggae), creates a mesmeric atmosphere, which is typical for contemporary Perry albums. Lyrically he touches a variety of themes including faith on "Holy Angels", "Books Of Moses" and "Let There Be Light", socioeconomics on "Money Comes And Money Goes", and politricks on "Scary Politicians", while the music presented here is pretty much straight-up reggae/dub with a little bit of funk and blues.

Without doubt any hardcore fan of 74-year old Lee "Scratch" Perry is going to purchase this cd, but it's unlikely that this collection of tunes will appeal to those who are still raving about the man's exceptional efforts from his Black Ark period.