From Amsterdam To Kingston Mixtape
Leah Rosier
Black Star Foundation
Promo CD
October 20, 2014

Track list
  1. Going To Jamaica
  2. I Don't Hide My Ganja
  3. You Lied
  4. Irie
  5. Sunny Dub
  6. Sunny Days
  7. Stronger
  8. Like A Lioness
  9. Babylon Burning
  10. When I Get You
  11. Love Fyah
  12. High Grade Woman
  13. West Side Of Amsterdam
  14. East Side Of Amsterdam
  15. Do U Like
  16. Music Teach Me
  17. Free It Up
  18. Better Ways
  19. Sufferers
  20. Enough Is Enough
  21. All For Love
  22. On A Mission
  23. Ready For Tonight
  24. Come Rain Come Shine
  25. Teng Jam (Jamaica Version)
  26. Likkle Lone Ranger
  27. Butterflies
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Leah Rosier from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is passionate about Reggae and combines this with her love for singing and writing songs. With a joyful international mindset determined to share good music and positive vibes anywhere, she has already performed in various clubs and on different festivals around Europe including Reggaefèr, Gideon Music Festival, Mekitburn, Future Reggae Ruigoord, Festival PeriArt, Festival Cult'Urban, Roepean Reggae, Swimming Poule Festival, Reggae In The Park and Spring Reggae Festival. For her live shows she works with several soundsystems including Amsterdam's Black Star Sound and two different bands; TwoRoots from Holland and Rise & Shine from France.

Leah Rosier has been singing and playing guitar and piano since an early age. Influenced by her older brother she developed a passion for Reggae. As a teenager she started traveling the world to work as a model. She would spent most of her free time listening to Reggae, playing guitar, writing songs and learning how to use music recording software. A trip to Jamaica made her even more passionate about Reggae and the culture and history behind it. From the time she developed skills to record her own songs, Leah Rosier has been voicing many different riddims by producers and bands from all over the world. She released her debut album entitled "High Paw" on her own label Likkle Green in August 2012. Next to several collaborations and riddim projects she is currently working on her second album.

The "From Amsterdam To Kingston Mixtape" - featuring almost 48 minutes of Leah Rosier music mixed by Black Star Sound - takes off with a previously unreleased special cut on the "Promised Land" riddim, which is a good choice regarding the purpose of this mixtape release: raising money for going on a very productive inspiring melodious tuneful journey to Jamaica in January 2015. The mixtape provides a real nice overview of Leah Rosier works and development until now as it includes - with the exception of "Irie (Speakah Remix)" - every tune from her debut album plus tracks from riddim projects such as "Break Out Riddim" ("I Don't Hide My Ganja"), "Rolling Roots Riddim" ("When I Get You"), "Dancehall Style Riddim" ("Do U Like"), "Pon The Case Riddim" ("Better Ways"), "Pitaya Riddim" ("Enough Is Enough"), "Gipsy Woman Riddim" ("Ready For Tonight") and "Rub A Dub Riddim" ("Come Rain Come Shine"). The inclusion of several exclusive tracks makes this Mixtape a bit more special, which is a good thing.

If want to help Leah Rosier to realize her goal, buy the cd for € 5,00 only (or more of course) by emailing irie@leah-music.com or by clicking here to order/donate via PayPal. Keep in mind the shipping costs (+/- € 2,50).