Lady Saw
My Way
Toasting Music-
October 9, 2010

Lady Saw Track list
  1. Every Way Mi Go
  2. Your Chick
  3. Bigga Than
  4. He Is At My House feat. Eve
  5. My Way
  6. Party Till December
  7. Tighta
  8. Cyaan Get Me
  9. Crazy Love
  10. Me Hold Yah (aka Sweetest Ride)
  11. Muscle Control feat. Camar
  12. 5 Minutes
  13. Facebook
  14. I Can't Wait feat. Ding Dong
  15. I'm A Woman
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Total votes : 47
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
With over three million albums sold and a Grammy under her frock for her collaboration with No Doubt on "Underneath It All", Lady Saw (born Marion Hall) is one of the most successful female artists in Jamaican dancehall music. Sixteen years after signing to VP Records and the release of her 1994 debut album "Lover Girl", the outrageous Lady Saw delivers her ninth full length album called "My Way". The successor to the three years ago released "Walk Out" set appears on the US based Toasting Music label (a collaboration with Lady Saw's own Diva Records) and features production works from people such as Lloyd "John John" James, Tony "CD" Kelly, Ward 21, Windel Edwards, Wayne "Unga" Thompson, and Lady Saw herself.

Produced with the intention to reach a wider audience (think the first single "Party Til December" and the sleeper hit "He's At My House" done in combination with multi-platinum rapper Eve), it's obvious that this brand new 15 track album has to be something of a mixed bag. And indeed it is, both musically and lyrically spoken. Of course, she remains true to her sexually empowering, cheeky lyricism on tracks such as "Tighta", "Muscle Control", "Me Hold Yuh" and "5 Minutes", but it's just not as over the top as we are used to. Besides that she more and more starts showing here softer, more mature side as already witnessed on the "Walk Out" album and singles like "Perfect Lover". Here it comes to the front on tunes like "My Way", "Crazy Love" and the album closer "I'm A Woman". Standout efforts are "Every Way Mi Go", "Bigga Than" and "Me Hold Yuh" (aka "Sweetest Ride"), the naughty answer version to Gyptian's huge hit "Hold You".

The songstress, deejay, producer and writer makes clear that she's still the "Queen of Dancehall", but she also shows that the hardcore style that brought her fame isn't the only thing she's relying on in these days.