Tribulation Time
Linval Thompson
Vibration Lab Records
Digital download / Limited edition 2x 12" vinyl
May 28, 2012

Tribulation Time (Remixes) [feat. Linval Thompson] - Vibration Lab Track list
  1. Tribulation Time
  2. Tribulation Time (RSD Remix)
  3. Tribulation Time (Radikal Guru Remix)
  4. Tribulation Time (Riddim Tuffa Remix)
  5. Tribulation Time (Vibration Lab Dub)
  6. Tribulation Time (RSD Dub)
  7. Tribulation Time (Adam Prescott Remix)
  8. Tribulation Time (Riddim Tuffa Dub)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Reggae Music, like any business, is cuthroat. An artist can be gold today and stock on the shelf the next. There is an elite list of elder statesmen who have endured many decades and still rise and shine to the max. A member of this echelon is Linval Thompson; master singer, arranger and producer. He has come back again with "Tribulation Time"; a full length release with remixes, fixs and dubs from just one song. Murder.

Born in 1954, Linval got into the biz early with the single "No Other Woman". This led to collaborations with Phil Pratt before unifying with producer Bunny Lee. His first album, "Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks" (1976) with Lee displayed a fresh voice and production. In 1978, "I Love Marijuana" further cemented Linval as a force to be reckoned with. Consequently, he got hot in the production chair in the late roots/early dancehall era; churning out classics by The Viceroys, Barrington Levy and Cornell Campbell to name a few. He still got behind the mic putting out the Sly/Robbie produced "Starlight" (Mango,1988); a rare and enduring classic. Things got quiet until 2009's "Ghetto Living" (Tad's). Since then, he's been putting out singles of the highest degree. Last year's "Cryin' Fe Money" (Ambassah) is his most crucial work since he started as a youth.

"Tribulation Time" is absolutely without a flaw! The initial vocal and following remixes and dubs are over seven minutes long, constituting a double LP. Released on the up and coming Vibration Lab; pressing is limited to 500 copies worldwide! The vocal track is a haunting and beautiful roots anthem that convinces us to be aware and trod carefully. The RSD Remix is given a Roots Radics structure and sounds like Chemist is at the mixing board. The Radikal Guru brings in melodica and more of a "steppas" style that would do well at a Jah Shaka dance. Riddim Tuffa is tough indeed; with great keyboards and delayed overdubbing. The Vibration Lab dub crackles; not overdone but straightforward. The talented Adam Prescott puts a jungle spin on things that works. The Riddim Tuffa dub is a phat ting! Everything is in the right spot to make this hot.

Linval "Baby Father" Thompson has done it again. Either on wax or stage, he is very engaging. His long career has always carried forth strength like Samson. Get a listen of this latest from the rootsman and there will be no disappointment. Highly, highly recommended!!!