The Qabalah Man
Al.ta.fa.an Records
November 27, 2013

Track list
  1. Create Our History feat. Bob Andy
  2. Don't Sell Out
  3. Material World
  4. No Mercy
  5. Weapons Of War
  6. Speak Your Mind
  7. So Long feat. Mark Wonder
  8. Black Man Government feat. Dub-Terian
  9. Tribute To Dennis Brown feat. Bob Andy
  10. Skull And Bones
  11. Organize feat. U-Roy & Ziggi Recado
  12. Don't Give In
  13. Dis Yah Reggae Music feat. Vido
  14. Organize In Dub
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
In 1993 Luciano was first spotted in the reggae landscape by international reggae connoisseurs when US based RAS label issued his Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell produced debut album "Moving On". Twenty years (and about 30 studio albums) later, the devout Rastafarian nicknamed 'Messenjah', who then was part of a new generation of singers with cultural perspectives, is still very active and truly worth checking as is proven by the release of his latest full length album entitled "The Qabalah Man". The latter is released by Al.ta.fa.an Records, which earlier this year brought us similar albums by Junior Kelly ("Piece Of The Pie") and Bryan Art (self-titled set). "The Qabalah Man" contains material from producers based in Jamaica and Europe, including its main producer Anthony Senior along with Luciano himself, Michael Edgehill, Nasir Gowdie, Lawrence Gowdie, Cedrica 'Soljie' Hamilton and more.

Things get started with an excellent cultural piece on the "Kiana" ridim called "Create Our History". This tune, which was released in 2007 on a 7" vinyl single, sees Luciano teaming up with well respected veteran singer Bob Andy. And although both singers have a totally different vocal style, their collaboration turns out to work well. It's not that often that a Luciano album features a number of guest vocalists, but this one has. Besides Bob Andy there are collaborations with Mark Wonder ("So Long", already known from Mark Wonder's album "True Stories Of Mark Wonder"), Naptali ("Black Man Government" aka "Seven Miles" from Naptali's "Long Journey" set), Dub-Terian ("Tribute To Dennis Brown"), U-Roy & Ziggy Recado ("Organize") and Vido ("Dis Yah Reggae Music"). All these combination tunes are solid efforts, with especially the beautiful acoustic song "So Long", the strong "Black Man Government" and "Organize" -- together with its wicked dub version -- being worth hearing over and over again. The late great Dennis Brown was one of Luciano's major influences, and with "Tribute To Dennis Brown" he delivers a real nice version of the Crownprince of Reggae's "Stop The Fussing And Fighting" on a revitalized version of Studio One's "Real Rock" riddim. Other tunes worth mentioning and hearing more than once are "Material World", "Weapons Of War", "Skull And Bone", and "Don't Give In".

Although this album features some very familiar tracks and thus isn't a totally new collection of tunes, it's still a real good purchase for Luciano and modern roots fans alike.