Man in The Hills
Burning Spear
Island Records
October, 1976

Track list
  1. Man In The Hills
  2. It's Good
  3. No More War
  4. Black Soul
  5. Lion
  6. People Get Ready
  7. Children
  8. Mother
  9. Door Peep
  10. Groovy
Not as inspired, nor distinct, nor compact, nor enjoyable an album as Spear`s first, `Marcus Garney`. Thematically, the inclusion of the song "Spear Burning" seemed natural. Its omission is difficult to understand especially as it`s so good. Its variation of pace would have been welcome. Variety, that`s what Spear need. Rodney`s singing is superb, the music is tightly played, the production is clean and accurate. Nevertheless, the sound now needs a change of mood. Bassist Robbie Shakespeare tends to repeat himself, as do the brass arrangements. Some of the songs need developing though Rodney is a chant singer not a writer of songs. The title song, plus "It Is Good", "Children", "Door Peep", and "Groovy" are the ones that move me. There is some disappointment but this is still a very good album.