Album review
Many Moods Of Moses
Beenie Man
JetStar/VP Records

Tracking list

  1. Interlude (Performed by A.R.P.)
  2. Foundation (featuring The Taxi Gang)
  3. Who am I
  4. Monster look
  5. Woman a sample (featuring Buju banton)
  6. Oysters & Conch
  7. Heaven on earth (featuring A.R.P.)
  8. So hot (featuring Lady Saw)
  9. Have you ever (featuring Little Kirk)
  10. Got to be there
  11. Bad man
  12. Steve Biko
  13. Long road
  14. Sincerly
  15. Miss you (featuring A.R.P.)
  16. Ain't gonna figure it yet
   The VP release has a different tracking list and contains the extra    track "Bad mind is active".

Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5

His royal highness of dancehall reggae music and winner of virtually every male DJ award of the year, Beenie Man, is the undisputed King of the Dancehall (1997 MOBO Award). Since 1994 he has occupied the top position of the reggae dancehall class and one of the reason's he's so popular is that his style has evolved over the years. He's able to use several different styles, which make for a lot of interesting tracks on his latest album : from Nashville stylee, to hardcore dancehall and sweet R&B. On some tracks he is using his lazy, slightly offkey sing-jay stylee, but you can also listen to his high-pitched hectic voice on the more hardcore dancehall tracks.

On "Who Am I" he forms a winning team with young producer talent Jeremy Harding of '2 Hard Limited Productions', who showcases his production muscle with the appealing "Playground" riddim. Beenie does a blistering duet, "Woman a sample" with Buju Banton, who produced this track, but on "Have You Ever" Little Kirk does not manage to fully complement the "Doctor's" performance on this Shocking Vibes Production.

Fine background vocals, Beenie Man singing at his his best, and the subtle use of echo makes the self produced cover of Chalice's "Got To Be There" one of the most outstanding tracks, next to the ABSOLUTE KILLER track "Steve Biko", wich kicks off with Beenie Man alongside the background choir singing the intro of Bob's "Redemption Song"... an emotional outcry that will not be equalled easily. "Long Road" (produced by Handel Tucker)is yet another of the many top tunes on this versatile album, which features some interesting covers. Next to the aforementioned "Got To Be There" Beenie man alongside A.R.P. takes over "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You" (remember Millie Vanilli ?). A.R.P. is at their best on this one, performing as one of the many current chart riding R&B bands. The same goes for the infectious R&B track "Heaven On Earth", complete with strings and good cultural lyrics. Sly & Robbie and Gitsy are laying down an interresting riddim on "Foundation" which features some nice horns. Lady Saw delivers a fine performance "..Beenie Man makes you so hot, Lady Saw makes you so fat.." on "So Hot", riding a poppy riddim.

"Many Moods of Moses" shows Beenie Man as a mature dancehall artits, using several styles, thus capturing the spirit of times in dancehall music. It's an album "ready fi kill all unbelievers".  Congratulations Beenie Man !

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