Marcus Garvey
Burning Spear
Island Records
February, 1976

Track list
  1. Marcus Garvey
  2. Slavery Days
  3. The Invasion
  4. Live Good
  5. Give Me
  6. Old Marcus Garvey
  7. Tradition
  8. Jordan River
  9. Red, Gold And Green
  10. Resting Place
From the Burning Spear, my teacher, I have discovered true emotion in music "And they beat us, and they work us so hard, and they use us, till they refuse us...." Do you remember the days of slavery? How can you forget, they aren`t over yet! "The big fat boat... we must pull it, with shackles around our necks, believe me and we sit so close..." Row Fisherman row! "...some of us survive..." The album cover has been spoilt in a clumsy attempt to emphasise an image and the message when all the reality is there in the music already. Better to have used some of those fine colour shots, or left the Jamaican cover as it was. I have been playing this record for six months while everything else has gone stale in no more than six days. I want you all black and white to buy this album. Buy it for the new year, for your enemies and for your friends. Forget about dubs for a moment, the Spear are here to stay so get with "em. Buy the LP and give the Spear the success their music deserves. With their moving, moody music they have opened up a direct line of communication and now we can see clearly how much we have in common. All that is appropriate is in the music. Spear are honest, and lead singer, song-writer and arranger Winston Rodney is a humble, magnetic person with a way of singing about himself and the world that will deeply affect you. If you give the music the chance. The message is love universal.