Change The World
Macka B
Chinelo Records
August 31, 2012

Change the World - Macka.B Track list
  1. Change The World feat. David Hinds & Luciano
  2. Nuclear Energy
  3. Medical Marijuana
  4. Never Played A 45
  5. Make A Claim
  6. Reggae Daddy
  7. Golden Pen feat. Earl 16
  8. Jah Will Provide
  9. Can't Sleep
  10. Postcode War
  11. You Could Be Wrong
  12. I Return
  13. Enemies feat. Lloyd Brown
  14. Good Woman
  15. Bless You Mama
  16. Still A Seh Rasta
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Macka B. "Natural Suntan", "Buppie Culture", "Dread A Who She Love". Just some of the crucial tracks that comes to mind when reasoning about one of the most witty, concise and influential toasters to come outta England. Twenty six years after his first release and twenty three albums later; he has come again with "Change The World"; a sure fire pleaser, not teaser.

Christopher MacFarlane was born in Wolverhampton, England and was hit with Jah music from early on. Living next door to heavyweight sound system operator Lord Barley, he was mesmerized by Big Youth and U Roy sounds. In school, he practised violin and chorus before working at an EverReady battery factory. As fate had it, he was laid off and sighted Rastafari; changing his name to Macka B (homage to Judean rebels that fought Greeks in Biblical times). He trodded on, forming Exodus Sound System and paying a visit to Yard for inspiration. Upon return in 1982, this legend entered a DJ competition; beating out future legends Pato Banton and Ranking Ann. He continued skilling at Wassifa Sound System and playing in a band (Prewax).

Somehow, a tape of a Wassifa/Saxon sound clash showed up at Fashion Records. The brilliant "Bible Reader" and "Gentleman With Manners" caused quite a stir! Neil Fraser (Mad Professor) saw Macka B perform on TV and the rest is history. "Sign Of The Times" (Ariwa,1986) instantly went to the top of the charts. Macka B and Ariwa released fifteen great albums; both live and studio. Macka B left Ariwa in 2003 and was quickly signed by Jetstar. The same year, "By Royale Command" was released and remains a much sought collector's item. This rapid fya master has consistently put out great material since then for a variety of producers. This natty dread has credentials; first British Reggae artist to tour Australia and former Yugoslavia. He has stepped upon stage at Reggae Sunsplash, Sting and the legendary White River Reggae Bash.

"Change The World" starts off with the title track; a three way with Luciano and Steel Pulse frontman David Hinds. This anthem totally works; no one stepping on each other's lyrics and a tight riddim track. Haffe make mention to the musicians -- Earl "Chinna" Smith, Basil Chiasson and lesser known but equally qualified talent like Ciyo Brown and David Henry. The bulk of the engineering is handled by the iconic Noel Browne; pure quality all the way. Macka B has always chatted about worldly issues and does it nicely on Nuclear Energy and offers intelligent answers -- not a lyric or note out of place. A Pecking's riddim (Studio One) enhances the comical and genius Medical Marijuana -- such inspirational lyrics!! Never Played A 45 was released a few months ago as a single and fits nicely in this collection; once again over a crucial Studio One riddim. Make A Claim offers up thought provoking caliber about the falsities of today's world.

On Reggae Daddy, Macka B somehow tackles several musical styles influenced by Reggae -- everything from Dubstep to Bashment. The way that he handles the ever changing riddim is incredible. Sylford Walker's timeless Golden Pen is seamlessly handled by the big man and longtime British resident Earl 16. This is an accomplished riddim update. Serious Roots business is the order for the next few songs. Can't Sleep is Macka B's best song in years; a hypnotic anthem about the lure and danger of fame and fortune -- this is jaw dropping good!!!! You Could Be Wrong revisits a subject that the artist takes seriously; social injustice. This one is done right all the way. I Return shows a rare acoustic side; expertly paying homage to Mama Africa. Good Woman takes us down memory lane with another Pecking's riddim ("Minstrels") and Macka B rides this bomber with authority. The album closes nicely with the cultural Bless You Mama and Still A Seh Rasta.

"Change The World" is a total success. Macka B has outdone himself if that's possible. He is putting out a flurry of material right now with another album "Rasta Soldier" (Necessary Mayhem) about to be released. This conscious artist comes up with fresh material that is never stale. He has released about one album per year and every one of them is a keeper. Even if you've never heard of Macka B, pick up his latest and you will be impressed and not distressed.