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The Prime Of Mikey Dread
Mikey Dread
Music Club

Tracking list

  1. Resignation Dub
  2. Industrial Spy
  3. Barber Saloon
  4. SWALK
  5. Modern Africa
  6. Saturday Night Style
  7. Sunday School
  8. Dizzy (Herb Smoker)
  9. Pre Dawn Dub
  10. Wake Up Call (Instrumental With Dub)
  11. Roots And Culture
  12. Bun Yuh Kah
  13. Technical Selection
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

"Who is the man that play roots, rock, reggae ? Michael Campbell... And who is the rock with the rock on the rock ? It's the dread at the control... Michael Campbell to thrill your soul !"
This famous radio-show jingle marks the start of a truly excellent compilation set of an exceptional and consistently fascinating figure in reggae music, by many of his fans probably better known as Mikey Dread. This Port Antonio born rastaman delivered his earliest contribution to the reggae business towards the end of the seventies when he started to host his popular four-hour radio show "Dread At The Controls" on JBC, Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation. It was the first reggae radio show on the Island and the rootsiest Jamaica had ever heard ! Mikey became a massive hero in Jamaica and his success enabled him to record some impressive tunes for Lee Perry and Sonia Pottinger. After the JBC bosses and the island's establishment figures had forced him to resign from his programme in 1979 he turned his full attention to recording and launched his own D.A.T.C. label. With fresh-sounding production work Mikey "Dread" Campbell became part of a group of young and talented producers who made their mark in the late seventies.
This album contains vocal and dub cuts taken from the albums "African Anthem" (1979), Pave The Way" (1984), "Obsession" (1992), "Dub Party" (1995) and the compilation set "Best Sellers". Every track - being a gem in its own right - showcases the truly unique skill and talents of this many-sided but self-willed artist/producer with a reputation second-to-none. The inclusion of radio-show jingles adds a special flavour to this heartfelt rootical set. Wicked stuff !!

Teacher & Mr. T.