No More Friend
The Meditations
February 23, 2008

The Meditations - No More Friend Track list
  1. No More Friend
  2. Forcing Me
  3. Jack On Top
  4. Mother Love
  5. Book Of History
  6. Carpenter Rebuild
  7. Fuss And Fight
  8. Slick Chick
  9. Talk Of The Town
  10. Big City
  11. No More Friend (12 inch Mix)
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Total votes : 4
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3
The Meditations first formed as a group in the mid-seventies following the breakup of the Linkers. Led by Ansel Cridland, The Linkers had made a series of recordings in the late sixties, including the classic, "Nyah Man Story." In 1971, Danny Clarke and Winston Watson recorded several titles for Lee Perry's Upsetter label individually and as the duo, 'Flames.' Ansel and Danny first began working together informally about 1972, with Winston joining them soon after. Inspired by a love for The Impressions, the group began to develop a vocal blend that would bring them international respect. The Meditations cut a number of important 45s for producers in Jamaica as early as 1974. However, a series of recordings for Federal Records in the mid-seventies led to the release of the group's first album, "Message From The Meditations," in 1976 and a second, "Wake Up," in 1977. Rightly regarded as classics today, these two albums established the Meditations as one of reggae finest vocal groups. Enough reasons for them to deserve a re-release, the chosen album is "No More Friend" which comes from 1983.

Definitely a nice choice, this classic collection needs to be heard again. There is one new addition to this new release, the No More Friend 12" mix. The album still kicks off with the original No More Friend, a song that has stood the test of time extremely well. The danceable Forcing Me can't keep you sitting in your chair! Jack On Top is a slow and dubbed up tune. Mother Love a tribute to mothers, with lots of love. Book Of History has a lovely dub in it and you automatically swing along with this song. The rub-a-dub style of Carpenter Rebuild is really nice. Fuss And Fight has a nice horns riff throughout the song. Slick Chick is truly one of the underrated gems on the album. Talk Of The Town appeals to most reggae fans. Big City misses the spice that all the other songs have. Finally we come to the bonus song on the album No More Friend 12" Mix, which is a great addition to this re-release, the dub is really well performed.

Classic, tight and right!