Mehr Davon (EP)
Rootdown - Soulfood Music
August 31, 2007

Track list
  1. Mehr Davon (Radio Version)
  2. Hoffen Und Warten (Exclusive Bonus Track)
  3. Mehr Davon (Album Version)
  4. Mehr Davon (Instrumental)
  5. Mehr Davon (Acapella)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
"Mehr Davon (More Of That)", the second single taken from Nosliw's sophomore album with the same title ("Mehr Davon") on Rootdown Records is the follow-up of first single "Immer Wieder Hören". The track "Mehr Davon" has not been produced by Rootdown Records' co-founder and in house producer Thilo 'Teka' Jacks, but was produced by Guiseppe 'Big Finga' Coppola from Berlin's Feueralarm Band who also contributes live drums to this tune, a beautiful lovers tune with a great sax by Fabian Astor lending the tune a very lighthearted vibe - invoking memories of Tippa Irie's "Hello Darling" and UK lovers rock - backed by the complete Feueralarm band from Berlin. Eric Wilson a.k.a. Nosliw continues his streak of big tunes and releases following 2002's Maxi-CD "In Vollen Zügen" and the 2004 and 2005 single CDs "Wie Weit" across Teka's extremely successful 'Crystal Woman'-riddim and "Musik" over the equally beautiful 'Musik'-riddim taken from his very impressive full length debut album "Mittendrin", followed by the first single "Immer Wieder Hören" taken from his current very strong sophomore album "Mehr Davon". Unfortunately this Maxi-CD has been rather hard to pick up ever since its release, but now this beautiful lovers tune with its very sweet lyrics in the verses and catchy poetic chorus

baby ich krieg' nicht genug du tust so gut
ich will immer mehr davon
ich seh' es überhaupt nicht ein ohne dich zu sein
ich will immer mehr davon
baby ich krieg' nie zuviel ich lieb' dein'n stil
ich will immer mehr davon
glaub mir es gibt nichts auf der welt das mir mehr gefällt
ich will immer mehr davon

is widely available (once more) at (German) mainstream musicshops in the chart-aiming "Mehr Davon (Radio Version)" and this excellent tune should really be able to make some inroads now into the mainstream charts. As an extra encouragement to buy this Maxi-CD the exclusive bonus track "Hoffen Und Warten" over a wonderful rootsy riddim by Rootdown Records' co-founder and in house producer Thilo 'Teka' Jacks, with great lyrics trying to comfort those fearing for the future of their relationship and that of the world has been included. Even more encouragement to buy this Maxi-CD in my opinion are the "Mehr Davon (Instrumental)" serving as a perfect showcase of how strong this Guiseppe 'Big Finga' Coppola composed riddim is and how his band Feueralarm in a superb arrangement then provides the musical backbone for this tune. And if that wouldn't be enough, there's the dream of every remix-wizard, Nosliw's "Mehr Davon (Acapella)" to point out that no matter how strong the riddim of this tune is, it's still carried by the magnificent vocals laid on top of it. Even if you own Nosliw's "Mehr Davon" you should still buy this Maxi-CD of its titletrack now that it's generally available again.