Purify EP
Marcus Gad
Gadda / Vocation Records
Digital Release
June 25, 2016

Track list
  1. Purify
  2. Mountains(Jhouoole) feat. J-Y Pawoap(A7JK)
  3. Vizion & Courage
  4. Conscious Father
  5. Life Is Precious
  6. Run Away
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Roots music shows no boundaries. It's Heart and Soul has touched the four corners of Creation. Truly thoughtful and conscious message music is being released from musical outposts from the far reaches. Hailing from New Caledonia, Roots ambassador MARCUS GAD has released his sophomore EP, "PURIFY". A truly organic and meditative affair that's absolute reflection of King's Music...

Marcus Gad is a mystic man whose been active for at least the last five years. He first surfaced with "Ina Sky" and "Man Free" with Roots artist ACKBOO. There's not much information available on his background but he's certainly making an impact. His debut "Soul Talk" is an underground Roots classic with overground frequency. He's been hugely successful on the live circuit throughout Europe with wide acclaim for this year's "Purify Tour" that will link him with Alborosie in August. Both artists are represented by the widely respected Talowa Productions/Promotions house (France). Big respect to Ugo Frezal (Talowa). The future is certainly for Marcus Gad, who has the talent and determination to spread his Kingly message in the international arena.

"PURIFY" was recorded at Gadda Studio (Noumea, New Caledonia) with large mixing by Jun Vandange; longtime musical collaborator with Marcus Gad. This country is located in the South Pacific; 750 miles east of Australia and it's so sweet to sight true runnings in this region. The musicians are Marcus (vox, harmony), Jun (drums, percussion), Nicolas Le Yannou (bass, guitars) and Louis Upane (keys). Like 2015's "Soul Talk", this EP was mastered at the legendary Anchor Studios (Kingston, JA). International appreciation and cooperation. His four years of travelling and absorbing pure culture rings true and clear. His influences include Burning Spear, Midnite and Twinkle Brothers and he delivers with crystal clear originality while giving respect to those that paved the way...

This majestic set opens up with the title track. Tight and earthy in nature, this is a hypnotic and bubbling anthem with heavy bass and great key work. "JAH is the keeper of your Body and Soul"; serious in nature and delivered with slight nuances of Norman Grant. This is pure intelligency and shows this artist's excellency. Boom! "Mountains (Jhouoole)" is a multi cultural meditation featuring Jean Yves Pawoap of the region's top ranking band A7JK. It opens with lyrics spoken in Cemuchi (local language) and transcends into triumphant wailing of Zion proportions. Lilting basslines and vivid guitar licks sculpt the soundscape with JAH beauty. This is a flowing meditation brimming with observation and wisdom. Jean Yves adds some serious reasoning to this ites track. "Vizion & Courage" continues the Roots vibrations. As deep as Roots message music gets! This is a Roots symphony; a truly humble ode to The Most High. Over an impeccably constructed riddim, Marcus delivers in a unique chant and wail style that echoes truth and conviction. This track has one of the tuffest basslines this reviewer has heard in a while. Masterclass flow!

"Conscious Father" is a standout selection with Rockers vibration. The influence of Midnite's Vaughn Benjamin is felt on this Rootical statement. Such an ethereal atmosphere that this Lion abounds majestically within. One of those songs that will have rewinding time and time again. Marcus brings his true experiences from his extensive travels to the microphone with a definitive sense of purpose instilled by The Most High. "Life Is Precious" is a versatile piece indeed. Over a totally engaging riddim, he demonstrates his vocal range and ability with a style that's appealing to the most discerning music lover. The musicians show their seasoned chops with many elements. Zion hut music!! "Run Away" is a fat sound. The riddim echoes a 'worldbeat' quality that's intoxicating. Inna singjay style that's spot on, Marcus delivers total upliftment and serious flow. Top respect to keyboardist Louis, who injects a Jazz feel and Nicolas for seriously great basswork. Drummie Jun is tuned in naturally. Boomshot!!

"Purify" is a tour-de-force!! Marcus Gad is an incredibly gifted artist whose truthful and positive works have brought the beauty of New Caledonia to all of Creation. With so many rising artists creating unique and original sounds, it's hard to get a sound that will stay around. MARCUS GAD and his accomplished crew have done that and more. A prime example of hard work and unwavering determination. "Purify" is an absolute must and is one of the most poignant releases of 2016. Seek this wonderful project out by any means. Highest recommendation. GO DEH!!!