Mi Deh Yah
Clinton Fearon
June 28, 2010

Clinton Track list
  1. Life Is A Journey
  2. A Rock And A Hard Place
  3. De Casa
  4. Mi Deh Yah
  5. What A World
  6. Focus
  7. Better Days
  8. The Best
  9. Are You Ready
  10. Jamaica
  11. Tell The World
  12. John Jones
  13. Feeling Blue
  14. Working For The Man
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
A couple of months ago The Gladiators (with Al Griffiths taking over the vocal duties of his renown father Albert) released their album "Continuation", which in our opinion can be regarded as a jerky effort to benefit from the name of the legendary roots group that rose to international fame in the 1970s. Hot on the heels of this Gladiators album comes Clinton Fearon's brand new (eighth) album "Mi Deh Yah", which happens to be a far better collection of tunes not least because it's obvious that his music is no 'money making' thing.

Clinton Fearon, one of the original members of The Gladiators who was responsible for roots gems such as "Downtown Rebel" and "Jah Almighty", has been putting out his own music since he left the group and moved to Seattle (US) in the late 1980s. Just like he did with his previous albums, especially "Give And Take" and "Vision", Clinton Fearon shows where he's musically coming from and thus most of the tracks featured here incorporate that folksy rural roots sound that made the Gladiators so popular back then. However that doesn't imply that Clinton Fearon treats the listener to musical efforts that sound outdated. He simply evokes the values of the golden era of Jamaican roots reggae, but his music undeniably has a contemporary feel.

Backed by a slightly new line-up of the Boogie Brown Band and Clinton Fearon himself playing bass again as well as other instruments, the songs on this 14 track album are all of real good quality. For this self-produced album Clinton Fearon has spent much time at Aleph Studio, Seattle, and it truly paid off. From the very first track, the solid "Life Is A Journey", up to excellent "Working For The Man", with in between great tunes such as "Rock And A Hard Place", "Mi Deh Yah", "What A World", "Better Days", and the outstanding "John Jones" with its wicked bass driven riddim reminiscent of "Real Rock", Clinton Fearon takes the listener on a very entertaining musical journey.

Overall this album shows that reggae veteran Clinton Fearon is still going strong after all these years in the music business. If you dig roots reggae music, you're in for a treat when you buy this "Mi Deh Yah" set.