Million Chance
Tony Anthony
Phylani Music
June 28, 2010

Million Track list
  1. Million Chance
  2. This Should Be Paradise
  3. What They See They Do
  4. A Woman's Love
  5. Torn
  6. Time To Unite
  7. Bad News Again feat. Exco Levi
  8. Yuh Nuh Simple
  9. Love You So Much
  10. Ecstacy
  11. All I Need Is You
  12. Mark And The Beast
  13. Liars And Thieves
  14. Fairytale Romance
  15. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking Forward
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
It was when Tony Anthony's latest single "Torn" recently entered the Top 25 Reggae Singles of Richie B's "Jamaica's Weekly Music Countdown Charts" that we first heard this singer and his music. It was obvious that this was an artist who can really sing, an almost unique phenomenon in these days as far too often modern studio techniques turn little talented singers into instant stars.

Tony Anthony, born Mark Bennett in St Catherine, Jamaica, started pursuing singing at the age of 14, when a chance encounter with international reggae star Glen Washington at a high school concert became the catalyst for his entry into music. Glen Washington complemented him on his unique voice and encouraged him to pursue singing as a career, he hasn't looked back since. After many years of performing as a guitarist and background vocalist in Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands, Tony Anthony moved on to become a founding member of the band Crucial Vibes whose debut album "Control Yourself" was well received.

Migrating to Canada in the early nineties he flexed his songwriting flair and lent his lyrical and vocal magic to soul group After Dark. 1996 was a distinguishing year for Tony Anthony's songwriting technique as he penned all the original tracks on the Tatix CD, "Time Bomb" which won a Canadian reggae music award for best album and garnered a Juno nomination for "Best Reggae Recording". In 2007 Tony Anthony's songs "Mark And The Beast" and "Yuh Nuh Simple" won him world acclaim as both songs were heavily rotated and charted on reggae radio worldwide. In the 2008 Canadian reggae music awards, he won the honor for being the comback artist for 2007. At the 2010 C.R.A.A held recently Tony Anthony was awarded the best reggae male vocalist award.

The wonderful album opener, the title track "Million Chance", instantly sets the pace for the rest of Tony Anthony's first solo project: clear and powerful vocals, well arranged riddims and positive lyrics. Delroy Pottinger's "Surfer aka Heaven" riddim underpins the outstanding "This Should Be Paradise", which is followed by another standout on this album, the message tune "What They See They Do". Next drops "A Woman's Love", a solid lovers tune worth of hearing. Then comes the excellent hit single "Torn", which has the potential to propel his career on an international level. So far listening to this collection of tunes has been a pleasure and a real treat. However it doesn't stop here. "Time To Unite", "Bad News Again" and "Yuh Nuh Simple" (a song with informative lyrics about the importance of education, presently featured on the UNICEF Canada website) maintain the high quality standard set by the previous tracks throughout. Furthermore worthwhile hearing is "Love You So Much", performed across an updated version of John Holt's "A Love I Can Feel" riddim that comes close to Penthouse Records' 1993 digi version, the great "Mark And The Beast" and the awesome "Liars And Thieves".

Tony Anthony's debut album "Million Chance" is packed with quality tunes and should definitely be checked by those who love to listen to real singers.