Are You Really Waiting (EP)
Martin Jondo
Burial Mix - Indigo
June 16, 2006

Track list
  1. Are You Really Waiting
  2. No More
  3. Guide And Protect
  4. Concrete Jungle feat. Black Dillinger
  5. Jah Gringo Acoustic Version
  6. Are You Really Waiting Tiger HiFi Dub
  7. Are You Really Waiting Video
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Already Germany's newcomer of the year in 2004's poll of Germany's riddim-reggaemagazine without an official solo release under his belt, just known for the wonderful "Wunderlampe" on Silly Walks' "Songs Of Melody", then impressing last year ago with his first EP "Rainbow Warrior" and last year with the equally impressive (song taken from the soundtrack for the German big screen movie picture by Peter Thorwarth "Goldene Zeiten") "The One" , Martin Jondo, Berlin resident, son of a German father and a Korean mother, who rose to a certain fame (at least in Germany) through his appearance as support act on Gentleman and Mellow Mark tours, and his guestspot alongside Tamika on Gentleman's "Live" for the song "Rainy Days", has now released a third teaser on Homeground Records for his upcoming album "Echo & Smoke". Produced like "Rainbow Warrior" and "The One" by the Berlin based - originally rap-producer, also involved in Mellow Mark's releases -, Kraans de Lutin, who co-wrote all selections on both his second and this third EP. Opening this EP is "Are You Really Waiting", a fine summer vibe love tune with great saxophone, smooth & sweet, followed by the first of the four bonus tracks exclusive to this EP, the excellent "No More" with its Far East flute accents and thoughtful lyrics, on which once again can be clearly heard how close Martin Jondo's voice and that of fellow German reggae singer-songwriter Patrice are, but also how Gentleman's (fast paced) delivery has influenced him in the dancehall parts of the tune. "Guide & Protect" is the only tune for which the music hasn't been written by Martin Jondo and Kraans de Lutin together, but P.R. Kantate and Culcha Candela producer Krutsch is responsible for the music, yet musically this tunes is seamlessly fitting between the other tunes. Together with Black Dillinger, the Berlin based South Africa born youth that impressed with "Mama" on "House Of Riddim ~ Chapter II", Martin Jondo delivers the great "Concrete Jungle", followed by his solo rendition of the beautiful "Jah Gringo (Acoustic Version)" that even closer resembles Patrice's style than any of his other tunes and a moving "Are You Really Waiting (Tiger HiFi Dub)" that almost sounds like a very well mixed Bob Marley & the Wailers dub with a star role for the snatches of backing vocals by Olivia Christou and Johanna Rebbelmund's saxophone. As an extra bonus the nice "Are You Really Waiting (Video)" is included as well. One thing's for sure, anyone who has seen Martin Jondo live on stage or is fond of Patrice's (reggae) tunes knows why, else you have to trust my opinion that you must get this third Martin Jondo EP, before as quickly as you can you go hunting for his full lenght debut "Echo & Smoke" Very impressive again!