Modern Rockers Vol. 1
Dredda Records - Groove Attack
June 27, 2011

Modern Rockers ,Vol. 1 - Joggo Track list
  1. DJ Play Me Some Roots
  2. Strong Like Lion feat. Turbulence & Jah Decko
  3. Strong Black Woman
  4. Love You Like No Other
  5. I Am Blessed feat. Mr. Patze
  6. You Don't Know
  7. Peace And Love
  8. Gundown
  9. I&I Know
  10. Jah Jah Nevah
  11. I Wonder
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Jurgen Orville Seedorf a.k.a. Joggo propelled himself into dancehalls worldwide when he recorded his "Beware" almost 3 years ago over Massive B's 'Kingdom'-riddim. Starting out a couple years Joggo now fully completed the switch in his early 30s from talented soccer-player (it runs in the family, as his brother is the world famous superstar Clarence Seedorf) to arrived reggae-singer-songwriter, after appearing amongst others on Bassrunner's 'Prison Break'-riddim and Supersonic/Jr. Blender's 'Ooh'-riddim, proudly presenting his debut-album (if you don't count the wonderful mixtape "Beware") "Modern Rockers Vol. 1". Like the mixtape this album has been (almost exclusively) produced by Dredda Records' co-founder and mastermind 'Decko' Douglas, who shares the passion for both good reggae & dancehall and soccer with Joggo.

Dredda Records is a young and fresh record label specialized in roots reggae music. The founders Decko, Layan, Miriam and Phibbs launched Dredda Records in the year 2007. It was the logical next stop after in 2001 Dredda Youthz was founded in North-Amsterdam, when the hobby of 4 long time friends evolved into musical passion in its purest form and offering a serious platform for roots reggae and hip hop with Sranang and Dutch (and later on English as well) lyrics in the Netherlands. In 2004 the albums "Overdosis" and "Krakti" were released and the single "Uma No Krey" from the latter reached the Number One spot in the charts in Surinam. "Welcome To Damsco" became an underground hit and Dredda Youthz' "Kom Op Dan" was the Dutch contribution to Germaican Records' 'Rodeo Europe'-riddim early 2006.

Not only has since then Dredda Records been founded, also the Dredda Studios in Amsterdam as well as in Paramaribo (Surinam) have been nurturing talent under the tutelage of very talented producers 'Decko' and 'Marvin' a.k.a 'Marro' - the driving forces behind the Dredda productions - . The most prominent artists currently are rising female star and co-founder Miriam and of course Joggo whose "Modern Rockers Vol. 1" album is now available on Amazon as CD(-R) and mp3 as well as on iTunes. The album opens with the strong tune unveiling the message of this album "DJ Play Me Some Roots" followed by the first single taken from the album, the superb "Strong Like Lion" in combination with Jamaican star Turbulence The Future and Jah Decko himself and "Strong Black Woman" across Rootdown Records' 'Mehr Davon'-riddim played by Nosliw's backingband Feueralarm and produced by upcoming Dutch roots specialists Not Easy At All Productions.

The self-penned wonderful lovers tune "Love You Like No Other" (half of the tunes have been written by songwriter Joggo himself, the others in cooperation with Decko, who also produced almost all tunes on "Modern Rockers Vol. 1" except where indicated otherwise in this review) precedes the only other combination on this album, once more backed by the Feueralarm Band - all other riddims played by Dredda Records bunch of very talented and schooled musicians from the Netherlands (or should I say Surinam) - and in combination with fellow countryman Patrick Esajas a.k.a. Mr. Patze from Arnhem in the Netherlands "I Am Blessed". The next tunes "You Don't Know" and "Peace And Love" (which became an instant hit in Hawaii!!!) show exactly why this album is so great, Joggo and Decko as singer and producer (and not to be forgotten the musicians) capture the spirit of early Steel Pulse and early Aswad so well here that it's almost unbelievable!

"Gundown" is a next magnificent tune that gave the great 'Gundown'-riddim-selection released by Dredda Records its name and "I&I Know" is equally impressive for lyrical consciousness, musical great roots vibe and for its vocal delivery. I am rather convinced that "Jah Jah Nevah" will unfortunately be the most underrated tune on this album, but this magnificent tune that once again gives you goosebumps for the way faith in Jah despite being turned into slavery from Africa to Surinam is expressed lyrically and delivered in that early UK roots style is one of the (too many to mention actually) standouts of this album. This album closes with the excellent lovers tune "I Wonder" and that tune finishes an album on which, after the successes of Ziggi Recado and Maikal X, as a next Dutch artist Joggo together with producer Jah Decko aims to reach the highest regions of the international (roots and lovers) reggae market. This is a must buy Dutch reggae-album, absolutely smashing!!!