Monsters Of Dancehall
Red Rat
May 20, 2008

Red Rat - Monsters of Dancehall Track list
  1. Shelly Anne
  2. Dwayne
  3. Bizzi Blazzi
  4. Love Them Bad feat. Buju Banton
  5. Mix Up Melissa
  6. Put Yuh Hands Up
  7. Blaze The Weed
  8. Wine Pon Me
  9. Bun Dem
  10. Big Man Little Yute feat. Goofy
  11. Bruk Mi Ducks
  12. Goody 2 Shoe
  13. One Foot In
  14. Curfew
  15. Cruise feat. Goofy
  16. Tight Up Skirt
  17. Guess Who's Back
  18. Nuh Live Nuh Weh feat. Crissy D
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
This is the fourth installment in Greensleeves' "Monsters Of Dancehall" series, which previously featured compilation albums of the much celebrated dancehall artists, Elephant Man, Beenie Man and Ninjaman. This brand new set focuses on Red Rat, who had two massive selling albums on Greensleeves, namely "Oh No It's Red Rat" (1997) and "I'm A Big Kid Now" (2000).

When he emerged on the dancehall scene in the late nineties, Red Rat was widely regarded as a force of nature, a stand-alone talent, hilarious, exuberant and thrilling. He had the unusual knack of appealing to a wider audience and to hardcore Ragga fans without needing to pander to either. Red Rat amassed an incredible stream of hit singles including the blockbusters "Shelly Ann" and "Bruck Mi Ducks" for Danny Browne's "Main Street" imprint, both included here. Other hit tunes from the mad dancehall days of the late nineties featured on this enjoyable compilation are the Andrew Bradford aka Buccaneer produced "Dwayne" and "Tight Up Skirt", and "Bizzi Blazzi" for producer Shane Richards. But also featured are a few tracks that were recorded in the new millennium, showing the listener the naturel progress this former teenage star has made in the past ten years. Amongst them the Ernie Wilks produced "Curfew" on the "Ice Cube" riddim, "Bun Dem" on Maximum Sound's "Intercom" lick-over, "One Foot In" for producer Curtis Lynch Jnr and the current air play hit "Wine Pon Me", which is produced by Miami's Blackout Movements.

All in all a real nice collection for the Red Rat fan, but it's also good value for money for those who want to check him out because they aren't that familiar with the Russet Rodent's works.