Ausser Kontrolle
Mono & Nikitaman
Rootdown - Soulfood Music
April 25, 2008

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Schlag Alarm
  3. Kann Ja Mal Passieren
  4. Ausser Kontrolle
  5. Hol's Dir
  6. Das Alles
  7. Digge Digge
  8. Nur So
  9. Yeah
  10. Von Osten Bis Westen feat. Russkaja
  11. Wenn Ihr Schlaft
  12. Unterwegs
  13. Tut Mir Leid feat. Nosliw
  14. Tiktak
  15. Es Kommt Anders
  16. Das Alles (Zion Train Remix)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Mono & Nikitaman are the first act from the Rootdown Records artist roster to present their third album just like they were the first to present a sophomore album when "Für Immer" became the successor of their "Das Spiel Beginnt", which was the first full length artist album on Rootdown. After their decision to record with other producers and not just Rootdown Records' Teka worked out very well on "Für Immer", Mono & Nikitaman continued that policy for this album with a couple of riddims laid and produced by themselves and contributions from Rootdown Records' Teka, Austria's Sam Gilly & his House Of Riddim, their main backing band, also from Austria, the Royal Flash Band, Bassrunner Productions, Berlin's Krutsch and Sentinel Sound's Meska.

After the "Intro" it's the first single taken from this album "Schlag Alarm" opening the 'attack' over a great riddim (sampling Ray Charles' "Hit The Road Jack") produced by Sentinel Sound's selector Meska & Sir Jai (Kool Savas) paying tribute to reggae (parties), followed by the entertaining and also very catchy and impressive "Kann Ja Mal Passieren" and the massive title-track "Ausser Kontrolle" and on each tune the great uptempo riddims are the perfect backing for the highly energetic and perfectly matching delivering of the 'German Energy God' Nikitaman & Austria's Mono.

"Hol's Dir" is despite the cheaping sounding synth effect thanks to its bouncing bassline a very catchy tune, followed by Mono & Nikitaman's great song "Das Alles" across Krutsch' absolutely brilliant 'Give Thanks'-riddim on which they combine their harsh social criticism and upful dreams with paying respect to Rio Reiser, the late German actor/singer-songwriter and Ton, Steine, Scherben frontman, whose contributions to German-language music have not gone unnotiched with covers of his (in the 70s recorded) songs by Jan Delay, Lazy Youth and Ben from Ohrbooten - the latter also on 'Give Thanks' - and then the mood completely switches back to dancehall for the humorous "Digge Digge", despite its banality on of my favourite tunes on this album and the very fierce and convincing self-boasting "Nur So".

Another outstanding tune on this album that slowly grows stronger and stronger and stronger with every time you hear it is "Yeah" over a wonderful semi-acoustic Nyahbinghi influenced riddim, before for something completely different the in Austria based Balkan-Ska orchestra Russkaja joins in for the pure party ska backed highly-energetic "Von Osten Bis Westen" and then eurodance dominates the dancehall tune "Wenn Ihr Schlaft". The love for playing (their very impressive) live-shows and being on the road is the subject of "Unterwegs" with Nikitaman fast paced chatting, Mono's very nicely sung hooklines and Nikitaman's slower lower vocal support in the chorus before labelmate Nosliw joins in for the superb "Tut Mir Leid", easily the best tune of the album, over a very nice upful riddim with a great horn riff, tongue in cheek and yet with a message, this is pure pleasure.

Another hybrid of eurodance and dancehall is the backbone of the riddim for the fierce "Tiktak" and then the penultimate tune (and last new tune of the album) closes this album in fine style, when a very nice roots reggae riddim that incorporates dancehall breaks backs in "Es Kommt Anders" backs a message to look beyond gals and ganja tunes for the massive, a potential showstopper in the upcoming liveshows accompanying the release of this truly excellent "Ausser Kontrolle" album. The album is brought to its real close with an excellent dubby "Das Alles (Zion Train Remix)" that makes the brilliant 'Give Thanks'-riddim sounding even better. Mono & Nikitaman have with this album once more shown that they are able to ride any riddim be it roots or dancehall with their thoughtful (and also party) lyrics to full effect. If you are able to understand German this album is a must, otherwise listening in could still convince you to buy it because of both Mono & Nikitaman's flow and the riddims.