More Knowledge
Macka B
Humal Records
April 27, 2009

Macka B Track list
  1. Greetings
  2. Satan Leave with Luciano
  3. Murderer
  4. Empress Divine
  5. Wha Me Eat
  6. Rasta
  7. Homeland Africa
  8. Walk Tall
  9. Oh Jamaica with Justin Hinds
  10. Original with Jimmy Riley
  11. Black Christ
  12. War Pon Drugs
  13. More Knowledge
  14. Save The Children
  15. Would You Like It
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Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
After the release of the singles "Maggie's Letter" and his initial hit "Bible Reader" for Fashion Records in the mid 1980s, Macka B (born Christopher MacFarlane, Wolverhampton UK) started a long-lasting association with Ariwa's Neil Fraser aka Mad Professor for whom he recorded fourteen studio albums. At the beginning of the new millennium Macka B decided to leave the Ariwa stable and he started to work with Jet Star, which led to the release of the albums "By Royal Command" (2003) and "Word, Sound & Power" (2004). Meanwhile he also recorded a few singles for The Great African's Humal Records, namely "Homeland Africa", More Knowledge" and "Empress Divine".

These three tunes are also featured on his brand new 15-track cd for Humal Records entitled "More Knowledge". Like almost every album Macka B has released so far, it's largely the intelligent conscious lyrical content rather than pounding, original riddims that makes this new collection of tunes worth of checking out. However this doesn't imply that the backing provided by musicians such as Steve Morrison, James Rainsford, Errol "Spear" Ruddock, Carlton "Bubbler" Ogilvie, Noel Browne, Jahi, Dr Phillip Jones, Chris Campbell and Brian Allen isn't of good quality... it is!

There surely will have been a good reason to kick off this album with "Greetings", but it doesn't make any sense to hear such a fine lyricist sending "greetings to all reggae lovers" by summing up almost every country on the globe. However don't let this weak album opener lead you astray, because the next 14 tunes provide nuff listening pleasure and brings just everything you might expect from one of the UK's most influential toasters. In particular worth of hearing are "Murderer", "Rasta", "Homeland Africa", "Black Christ", "War Pon Drugs", "More Knowledge" and "Satan Leave", the wicked combination tune with Luciano. Except for the already mentioned "Greetings", the remaining tracks don't include a real weak effort, which makes "More Knowledge" a solid cd throughout.

After all these years in the business Macka B surely knows how to deliver an appealing collection of tunes. All in all a worthwhile addition to the collection of the Macka B fan and also recommended to any reggae fan who's looking for food for thought.